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A Threadle Handled As A Push Through

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Hi, @Daisy Peel, here is our video for this unit:

Next to blind crossing a threadle this is the handling we most frequently do in these situations, so I think, Dizzy didn’t have much issues with this one.

Thank you for watching and commenting!


Thank you @Daisy Peel for another very helpful feedback!

I totally agree, a strong verbal cue really would be of great help. I am still struggling with pushes to the backside. Dizzy mostly relies on my bodily cues, our verbal (“out”) only works on short distance sends, the farther I am behind the more I have to assist it with my body language. I already put this on my to-do list for this winter season 😉


Here’s our video for the Threadle Handled as a push Through. We had a little trouble with her reading me on the back of the jump and indicating that she take it towards me at first but this came along pretty well. Carla

Merck Salazar

Delft ( Module 5, unit 2) a Threadle Handled as a Push-Through, trial 1

Merck Salazar

Thanks for the info. I’m so happy that such important bad moves of mine are now corrected.

Janie Peirce


Daisy, here is our video for Figure 7.


@Daisy Peel
Just worked this a few times as we worked on the previous exercise longer than I had planned. I had to call him into hand to keep him from blowing past me to the wrong side of the jump.

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