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Forward Motion Front Cross To A Pull-Through (Threadle)

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Hi, @Daisy Peel, here is our first video for Lesson 5:

This week’s drill really come in very handy as we are frequently confrontated with pushes/threadles in competitions (although the spacing usually is not as tight as here). I wouldn’t have considered handling it this way before, but I see that when performed correctly you get really nice tight turns here – if only you were far enough ahead of your dog to do so 😉

Thank you.


Thank you, @Daisy Peel, I also thought that trial 5 was the best one 🙂


Morning Daisy,
Piper and I did this one in the basement this week and I just hadn’t gotten it loaded on the site yet. Sorry for the delay. This is the forward motion front cross to a pull through. She did pretty well with this one. We had to work on my footwork more than hers. Once I get the videos in YouTube if I don’t put the link here immediately I have trouble finding them again. I must be getting old. Carla


Hi @Daisy Peel – timing on this for us was crucial. When I am late, she treats this as a 180. I also found that I need to be at the first jump in the threadle to slow her down/show collection so that I can pull/turn and she can make the back side of the 2nd jump. Hope the following units will help me find one or two ways that are a little more fluid for us. When I was running my bigger Golden boy, I would do everything in my power to avoid the threadle, which usually meant longer… Read more »


yes, @Daisy Peel – a grinding halt is what it feels like. interesting to know that you go the long way around too. I have done this several times with Darcy in Premier runs – in addition to keeping her in extension, it also allows me to get ahead to show the next obstacle instead of being stuck next to the jumps. And, it might add a little time, but I think it flows so much better. Again, looking forward to finding some new solutions.

Janie Peirce


Daisy, here is our first video for Lesson Five.

Janie Peirce

Thanks, Daisy, am going to start that project right away. Is your “in” cue for both coming in the gap & then jumping the jump? I’m asking because I need to know if I would discontinue both “here” to pull through the gap & then “jump.”


@Daisy Peel I didn’t realize you were still going to be providing feedback until we got the email. I know I am far behind everyone and will not get thru everyone so I thought I would pick and choose a little, the weather went from raining to freezing pretty quickly and I cannot always move things around at the place I can rent to train. But I am going to try and go there on Sunday’s as much as I can as that is a day I could move things. If you offer the course again, I am hoping I… Read more »


@Daisy Peel h Here is some more work on this, trying to incorporate your suggestions. Working on the collection when called to hand in several settings, so this was helpful, although I had the treat in my left hand and after watching the video I think I see why you said right hand ? Also tried putting the toy down, but again proofing a toy on the ground is being worked in several settings and it was clearly distracting to himhere. Although we aren’t very good at any of these I am so happy to have them to work through… Read more »

Merck Salazar

Delft ( Module 5, Unit 1) FM FX to a Pull-Through ( Threadle), Trial 1
Note: I temporarily replace Carter due to the minor injury issue. He needs to rest for 2 weeks ( sprain hind left leg)

Merck Salazar

Thank You, Daisy, for allowing me a substitute dog for Carter. Yup, my problem of Carter is on the tight turns. He is my first dog and somebody is handling him before I decided to handle him. Unlike Delft whom I train all the way. Carter accidental sprain his right rear foot last Sunday during the See-Saw training.
For the STOP, I really need to do it. I’m practicing on it. Hahaha, old habit sometimes is hard to let go.

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