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Front Cross To A Pull Through (Threadle) To A Front Cross Wrap

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Hi, @Daisy Peel, this is our video for this unit:

Just like with the previous unit, we were having troubles with the rc part here (slicing instead of wrapping jump #4).

Thank you for your feedback!


Hi @Daisy Peel, thank you for another very helpful feedback. I tried to redo this drill as well and stay closer to jump #3 as you suggested.

Thank you!


This one was tough to get everything done meaning that I was having trouble getting my part done well so I confused Piper a few times. She really wants to please me so I felt bad confusing her some. Thanks Carla

Merck Salazar

Delft ( Module 5,Unit 5), FX to a Pull through to a FX Wrap,Trial 1

Merck Salazar

Thanks for the info. Delft is 3 years younger than Carter. I’m the one handled him since I got him @ 4 m/o. What I applied to Delft is the basic training I learn from your teaching… 2016 in Singapore.

Merck Salazar

Thanks for the info. I will see my schedule if i have a space for that period. I’m interested. I’m catching up with Delft and I’m almost done with the jumping skills program. One issue that I need to address with him is the weave pole. if you have an online training program ,please let me know.


Hi @Daisy Peel – we missed a couple of weeks due to wet weather but were able to work on the last few threadle skills this week. For this one, with the wrap, I found that as I was sending Darcy over the bar it helped when I took a step back -otherwise, she read it as a rear cross.

Janie Peirce


Daisy, I’m still pushing ahead…

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