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Push To A Blind To A Landing Side Front Cross

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Hi, Daisy, here we are with our video for unit 3:

Thank you for your feedback!


Thank you, Daisy, together with your feedback on the next unit this makes very much sense and helps me understand, where I got it wrong.


hi Daisy – please do email people about adding more time to this course. It looks like Sabine is the only one keeping up (as far as I can tell). It actually helps me learn by watching other student’s videos, doing my own analysis, and then reading your analysis and comments. In most cases, you are reinforcing what I know, helping me spot things I didn’t notice, and offering some great tidbits on insight that helps me learn more. I spent about an hour this week on a real practice field and was able to run (kinda) with my dog… Read more ยป


Ha! Thank you @Daisy Peel! I received your email to this group about extending the time through the end of January. I agree that should be enough time. Thank you. FYI – this week, Darcy and I went to the practice field and the goal was to go through every lesson so far. We made it through Module 3 and I was wiped out … in a good way ๐Ÿ˜‰ The things we were comfortable with, I did 1-2x, for those things that were new/different (blinds, landing side anything), we did 3-4x. I have made notes and will revisit those… Read more ยป

Janie Peirce


Daisy, please do think about how you can expand the time for this class for those of us who want to finish all the modules but are behind now. I feel like this is such a helpful foundation class, I would certainly register for it again just to finish.

Merck Salazar

Carter Module 4,Unit 3 ( Push to a Blind,to a LandingSide Front Cross),Trial 1

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