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Forward Motion Front Cross Plus Landing Side Front Cross

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Hi, Daisy, here is our video for this unit

Normally bars are no issue, but my barholders don’t really fit and so the bars easily fall down without Dizzy actually touching them – very annoying, have to get that fixed soon.

Tried so hard to run on a straight line, but it’s still very hard (though it’s getting much better when running without a dog).

Thank you for your feedback, whenever you have time!


Hi, Daisy, thank you very much for that fast and detailed feedback! Concerning the height of the bars, I decided for such a low height as I don’t want to spoil Dizzy. This month is filled with competitions and training for competitions (3 trials in 4 weeks), so I don’t want to spoil Dizzy with this additional training. And as you can see, we generally need a lot of trials to get comfortable with these drills (if ever) ;). But I am planning to re-do these drills as part of our winter training and then I will try them at… Read more ยป


Thank you @Daisy Peel for being so generous! And of course I will sign up for the next Agility Challenge as well (I’m alredy signed up for this year’s challenge, although I don’t post any videos there. I just don’t feel ready to do so, compared to all those excellent handlers over there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). But I really love it due to not only having handling and training challenges to work on each month but also lots of fitness and mental exercises. It’s really ALL about agility and training in one place, that’s what makes it so special and I… Read more ยป


This is a great challenge for me with moving and looking and sending, etc. all at one. Here’s the forward motion with landing side front cross. Carla


I do the forward motion FC a lot, but at this time, I am not able to get to that second one – especially at Jump 4. I was able to get one in close to #5, but it was tough. So, depending upon where we were going next, I would normally do another cross as close to #5 as possible – less steps for me AND it lets Darcy know where she is going next. That’s where those sends are helpful. Darcy is ok working away from me, so I can do the FC at #3, send her on… Read more ยป


I agree about working through the mechanics which is EXACTLY why I am taking this course with you. I am slowly getting better and stronger, but am not quite ready for running and quick turns just yet. I am giving myself another few weeks before I start testing out that type of movement. Gaaaah – I sound (and sometimes feel) like an old lady. I will need to start incorporating more BCs though – we do mostly fronts, where I very much rely on Darcy moving away to THAT jump while I do my cross at another. So, when I… Read more ยป

Janie Peirce


Daisy, here’s our video for figure 2.

Merck Salazar

Carter ( Module 4, Unit 1) FMFX plus Landing Side FX,Trial 1

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