Shape And Wrap With A Front Cross 


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Hi, Daisy, here’s our video for this drill. This is really some weird stuff we are working on here ;)! I simply didn’t get this into my head and feet and Dizzy was rather confused by my weak performance, too. There are not all trials shown on the video, but it took as quite a time to NOT slice #3 but to wrap it to the right. Probably Dizzy simply isn’t used to this kind of handling or I got it completely wrong, but it was very hard for him to discriminate between this drill and the rear cross on… Read more Β»


Lol @Daisy Peel, I really love your comment on this one! I’m pretty sure I won’t ever get the picture of that stool at my butt out of my mind again πŸ™‚

But, indeed, this was as always a very helpful feedback especially as Dizzy really is very sensitive to my body language/ me leaning in to him.


BTW, I just wanted to tell you that obiously there is a little mistake on this page – figure 14a is missing, just like figure 13a on the previous page (rear cross on a jump).

Thank you πŸ™‚


I couldn’t but since somebody here mentioned that her adblocker had prevented it from loading I tried to disable adblocker on my browser, and now I can see it. Thank you.

Shenna Lemche

I cheated, a lot, since I can’t beat him in the mid course option and a lead out killed my motion cues. I think we did ok though, he isn’t great at squaring himself up to the jump so working on me showing him to the takeoff has been good for him.


Hi Daisy,
Well best laid plans again that didn’t work out. I’d rented the ring on Monday and Friday this week but both times someone else was there too and I didn’t get to videotape. So, I have mats in the basement and taped several of the skills there. The distances are little shorter and we don’t have speed but I think I was beginning to get the mechanics down. This is the shape and wrap video.


Ok, I am studying these lesson like a hawk. My page says there should be a 14a figure, but I do not see one:

“Figure 14a
This crcd shows what often happens if the approach is not shaped. If the dog takes the jump from right to left and the handler tries to move toward 4, the direction of motion indicates a right turn. If the dog lands and turns right, the jump will be between the dog and handler and usually a backjump results.

Figure 14a”


Hi Daisy,
Again we’re at the farm so more room to move around. The first time I lost sight of her. πŸ™ Next run was much better and felt better too. Carla


Darcy and I didn’t have a problem with this one. Like before, being patient to wait for her to get to the right spot before cueing the jump was key for us. And, for the record, I tell people to sit on the bar stool. All of my friends understand what I mean, so that tells you a little about my friends. πŸ™‚

Janie Peirce

Daisy, here is our video for this front cross.

Merck Salazar

Carter ( Module 3,Unit 3) Shape and Wrap with a FX

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