Rear Cross On A Jump

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Hi Daisy, here is our Rear Cross on a Jump.

Dizzy seemed to be fine with this, but to me the deceleration on the approach to #2 felt quite strange and I wasn’t really able to time it well.

Thank you for commenting.


Thank you @Daisy Peel for your detailed and excellent feedback on this one! Your comparison with rear-crossing vs. pushing to the far backside of #3 really clarified a lot, also in terms of right timing of the rear cross. I’m still desperately late with cueing especially when concentrated so much about a not so familiar handling exercise.

Thank you.

Shenna Lemche

Ok, I got very tired and did this last so ignore my flails and jump knocking over. I like the β€œrule” above regarding Fig 13a. I hadn’t thought much about it but this seems fair and easy to keep to.


Daisy, As I explained on the other video the ring was double booked and it’s wet and slippery outside. I’m videotaping in the basement to get more of these done for you to look at. This is the rear cross on a jump.


Hi Daisy,
I had the farm to work in today so redid the rear cross on a jump since I had more room. It only took a couple of times for my timing to get better and then Piper to be able to read what I was asking for. This comes up frequently in shows so a great skill to keep working on.


Darcy read the rear cross well BUT if I took just one step as she was going over the jump, I got the off course jump. I have to remind myself to be patient and wait for her to turn back to me before moving again. So, I am having to go back to my basic understanding of Linda’s system and motion – lack of motion is also a cue. Doing these drills is really helping me break things down. If we can master each cue/behavior, it *should* enable us to be a better team when we put them all… Read more Β»


I don’t see figure 13A.


windows 10, I will have to look on my ipad to see if I can see it


My ad blocker was blocking it


So here is rear cross on the jump. Still struggling with not taking the off course jump. This is a little longer as I left some snippets of trying to break things down a bit without a lot of success. I tried calling to treat in hand and dropping a ball at the line I wanted him to take. We had been working for awhile at this point and he had lost some enthusiasm for the ball. I am a little frustrated with not being able to get him to turn and not take the off course jump with most… Read more Β»


Just wanted to make certain you saw this post as well?


Hi Daisy, We weren’t sure that I had the two types of rear crosses done correctly so since they still aren’t solid in my mind, we re-recorded our efforts. See if this is a better rear cross on the jump. Carla

Janie Peirce


Daisy, here is our video for the rear cross on a jump.

Jenni Young

Hi Daisy, here is Blu’s rear cross on jump.

Jenni Young

Thank you Daisy, do you mean send him to the other jump next to it? I didn’t know you were coming over until just recently you are not doing Sydney though, I think you are doing Melbourne?

Merck Salazar

Carter ( Module 3,unit 2) Rear Cross on the Jump

Merck Salazar

Hahaha. Yup, my verbal cue is wrong. I just change my old verbal cue and this sometimes creates confusion. That is why the learning that I got from this program is very valuable. SImple verbal cueing is of great effect. Now I know why you are using Dog’s name in cueing. Thank You, Daisy, to play 2019 with my pack.

For the steam in the background. It’s a dried ipil ipil leaves with the cut grass of my training field purposedly to move away the mosquito. I refrain from using a chemical spray.

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