Rear Cross On The Flat

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Hi, Daisy, here we are with our submission for week 3. These drills have been rather hard for me and for Dizzy as well, as he was struggling with my weak performance 😉

Rear Cross on the Flat – this was mainly a timing issue, I found it very hard to be at the right point for shaping Dizzy’s approach to #4 at the perfect angle for #5 in time.

No need to comment before you return back home to the US. All paws are crossed for Sweden 🙂

Thank you.


Hi, @Daisy Peel, glad to hear that you and lil’ big Frodo are back home and safe and recovering from really hard competition and AWC weekends! Your weekly newsletter was, as always, were much appreciated and I really felt so sorry to read about your personal AWC summary and to hear you didn’t get into the mental game for this competition this year. But it wouldn’t be Daisy Peel if I didn’t find you back on track and making lots of plans for future travels and competitions. You are always thinking positively and taking advantage even out of bad experiences,… Read more »

Shenna Lemche

Hey, one I can do! Except the second one where I forgot to tell my dog where to go after. Question though. I see in the video with Juno that you use your outside arm for the rear cue. She spins in as I’d expect since it looks like you’re cueing a FC. Can you explain the arm choice? I’m baffled!


Here’s our rear cross on a jump video. We didn’t do too well with a rear cross this weekend so I’ll definitely keep working on these to get them smoother and Piper more confident.


Darcy and I worked on this yesterday and after a little confusion the first time, I got my timing right and it worked smoothly. I tried the same thing on a few different areas of the jumps that I set up. Interesting “problem” now – I did the RC and instead of moving forward towards the other jump, I turned to do the drill again … and that’s when Darcy turned and took the jump behind me … like we did in the one of the BC drills in the previous lesson. Hmmmm … now I will need to make… Read more »


Here is our RC on the flat work. At least we didn’t have to go through the gap?he dropped the bar a couple of times, I didn’t really feel I was in his way?


I think I understand he needs to turn more, take #4 straight on rather than slicing away? I took the foundations on the flat course, so I will see if I still have access look at that.

Janie Peirce


Daisy, here is our rear cross on the flat.

Jenni Young

Hi Daisy, here is our rear cross on the flat I had to teach it first before the exercise as he hadn’t done it before now.

Jenni Young

Oh for Pete’s sake, I knew I had to go over that middle jump! Don’t know what I was thinking the funny thing is I thought it felt a little odd at the time 😐 Another one I will redo Thank you

Merck Salazar

Carter ( module 3,unit 1) Rear Cross on the Flat,Trial 1

Merck Salazar

Thanks for the advice.


Hi Daisy ! Here is our trial of the rear cross on the flat. Trial 1 :

and Trial 2 :


Thank you !!! We are dressing up (in orange 🙂 ) as winter is already here.

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