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Landing Side Push Through A Gap

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Hi, Daisy, here we are with the last homework for lesson two

When preparing for it I was quite unsure if Dizzy would accept me turning and heading towards #4 as early as Linda recommended and I was really pleased with him staying committed to #3 inspite of me leaving quite early. Obviously I am really babysitting too much šŸ™‚
I guess, I could even have left here a bit earlier when I am comparing my video to yours and where Linda would have done it.

Thank you for commenting


Hi @Daisy Peel, thank you for your kind words. Yes, it’s really a lovely place to live here, we enjoy it very much. And we are taking advantage of the mild weather and doing these drills as a preparation for our next competition. But as days get shorter (and drills harder and harder) we might need more time for our homework each week. LOL,I really loved your comment about trial 1 šŸ™‚ You’re completely right about me being a chicken here! And I wAS afraid that Dizzy might be crashing into me šŸ™‚ We have no experience with these kind… Read more Ā»


Hi Daisy.

Here is our landing side Push


Daisy, yes, I WANT you to be picky. I sometimes take Andy for granted out there and I want to give him the best information I can. Thank you for taking the time to be exact.


Hi Daisy. You wanted me to give a stronger convergence cue.

Shenna Lemche

This went a little better than I thought it would since he dislikes this kind of exercise (he is pretty sure Iā€™m trying to kill him). I *felt* like I was trying to open up prior to 2 to cue convergence but I suppose that was still too late for him? I see how much he was committed to the jump on screen right when he was lifting on 2. Not sure how I can cue it any earlier.


Daisy, Here’s one more video from today with the pushes. I was behind in the beginning but think the last one is better and ahead of her through the gap. If you don’t mind looking at her weaves quickly, she was always popping out in shows of the weaves so I’ve done a lot of proofing and also high reward for weaves over the last two weeks. She did her weaves every run this weekend so I did just a couple of different entrances and angles to see how she’s doing. She only skipped a pole once when I got… Read more Ā»


Here is some video of the push. As you will see I still had some problems with the off course jump straight ahead rather than coming through the gap. I really want to help him get better at not just taking what is in front of him. I was on,y successful here by making some additional space between the two jumps and pulling him through with a treat in my hand, which seemed like it was no longer a push. But I was trying to get some success rather than just continuing to let him repeat something incorrect.

Janie Peirce


Daisy, sorry but I am only able to submit two tries at this. I was going to go back & do some more but the weather has not cooperated!

Jenni Young

Hi Daisy here’s my landing side push through a gap.

Jenni Young

Daisy just bumping this one up I had forgotten about it.

Jenni Young

I see yes I’d like to know too now thank you Daisy I will have a go and see what we get šŸ™‚


Hi Daisy ! We send you our Landing side Push :

Merck Salazar

Carter ( Module 2,unit 6) Landing Side Push Through a Gap,Trial 1

Merck Salazar

Thank You, Daisy, for the tips. I’m excited to redo it again.

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