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Blended Blind Cross To A Front Cross

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Hi, Daisy, here is our video of this drill here is a video of the same session, but from another perspective (you needn’t watch both but maybe it’s better to judge the correct performance of this drill from a side view, so I include this one here) For me this was the most complicated drill of lesson two. As with the FC with collection cues, Linda’s comment on your video was rather confusing than really helpful, so I mostly referred to the pdf for correct performance. I still don’t know if I got it right. This looking back over my… Read more Β»


Thank you @Daisy Peel for another very helpful feedback! I think, now I got a very clear picture in mind what this drill looks like and your 3 points to remember are of GREAT help πŸ™‚ Now we “only” have to take it to the agility course πŸ˜‰ Whilst you are in Kristianstad (lucky you πŸ™‚ ) I will give Dizzy a short brake from this drill (they are really very exhausting and we are competing, too, on this weekend) and will have to practise these on my own, without my dogs. Running on a straight line while doing a… Read more Β»


(edited by daisy to remove duplicate videos) This drill was rather hard for me and I’m not quite sure if I got it right. Again, Linda’s comment on your video was rather confusing than helpful, so I mostly relied on the pdf for how to perform it. I had much troubles not to run into Dizzy’s line (again! and to do the BC without the arm change. Also correct timing was an issue and I never managed to get far enough beyond the wing of #3 to cue #3 without taking the recommended steps backwards. Trial 2 was very interesting… Read more Β»


Sorry for posting twice, but for some reason my first submission didn’t show up, so I thought it had gone lost πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your patience!


Hi Daisy

Here is our blended blind.


Hi Daisy. I only submitted one attempt before and you said you can get a better picture with more attempts. Thanks

Shenna Lemche

Moo got less and less reliable with his line on 1-2 from the tunnel so my timing got worse each time as I found myself being lame and babysitting. He was getting really predictive of side changes at 2, winging in or around. I’m trying to vary the drills with other sequences but he seems too wise to the whole jump-jump-side change. Suggestions anyone?


Here are a few attempts at this, had the same problem as FC to BC with him not wanting to come through the gap. A few bars on this, I didn’t think I was dipping into his path, but maybe I was….he may have just been getting a little tired. I try to always stop for bars, but missed one here.


Darcy and I went through several of these cues again and we are getting better at all of them. Yeah! I am trying to move a little more without “pounding” and trying not to do too much quick turning. You mentioned that I will be happy when I am through this “healing time” … you have NO idea! Because I don’t run as fast as Darcy does, I don’t usually get this close to the jumps. Forward sends are my friend. But, the further away she goes, the less control I have, so I am hoping to find a nice… Read more Β»


Daisy, I did several videos of the blended blind as well. I didn’t want to have really long videos with most of it showing me setting up Piper and walking out. So I have 3 videos of the blended blind. I think we got better on several of the attempts and she started reading them better as well.

I believe we have this pretty good. If not, let me know. πŸ™‚

This is the third video of our practicing the blended blind. Thanks

Janie Peirce


Daisy, thanks for your insight on the flailing arms…you always have the ability to put things into perspective! Here’s our video for the blind cross into a front cross.

Janie Peirce

Daisy, just bumping up our last video.

Jenni Young

Here is our blended blind to a front cross, I feel I was a bit late on the front crosses.

Jenni Young

Thank you Daisy, nice to have the different things pointed out so clearly.


Our first trial here :


Daisy, where can I Find the updated vids with Chispa and Frodo you mentioned with regard to this lesson? Thanks

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