Landing Side Blind Cross

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Hi, @Daisy Peel here is our last homework for lesson one.

Normally, this goes much more smoothly. But thinking about WHAT I was doing and WHEN made me turn towards #5 too late and pushing Dizzy out too much at #4 I guess?

Thank you for your feedback!


Wow, @Daisy Peel, great insight and LOTS of information to digest! I had to re-read and re-think your feedback for trial 1 several times to get the picture, but now it absolutely makes sense. Especially the hint of almost regarding #4 as a push to the backside vs. a longer distance between #3 and #4 helps a lot. Great take at trial 5 πŸ™‚ Due to an arthritic desease I can’t always move as fast and flexible as I’d like to, so I guess I tend to overcompensate in times when I’m feeling quite well πŸ™‚ Thank you @Daisy Peel… Read more Β»


Hi Daisy. Here is our Landing Side Blind Cross


Hi Daisy. We tried running this again with me trying to run a straighter line.


I’m trying! The drunken visual is helping a lot

I see the difference in the 2 different ways I’m running this! Thank you for pointing that out. It helps quite a bit.

Shenna Lemche

Ugh, this one was painful. It took me way too many reps (not included, because one bad example is enough) to figure out to just CUE THE DANG SIDECHANGE. I went back and watched your example and had the duh moment.

Kerry Stevenson

Here is our landing side blind. I love this cross. πŸ™‚



Trial 1 at this landing side blind cross:

It is indeed a very nice idea to do it this way πŸ™‚


Thank you Daisy ! Indeed the line is not visible due to the camera angle, but yes i did move on a straight line. With the arms’ change i struggle now to reach the good timing, in coordination with my legs and shoulders πŸ™‚ I shall retry the sequence keeping in mind what you explain, that i have to see the dog lift for the jump behind me after i make the blind cross.


I rented a ring to do all of these crosses, front, and blind and push. I thought I was filming the first time through but didn’t so she’s a little tired running through everything again.

hopefully this will work this time


Again, just a couple of repetitions, but think maybe I need help with this, doesn’t look quite right.


Daisy thanks so much for the incredible feedback I have the ring tomorrow so I’ll work on these again

Janie Peirce


Daisy, here are our landing side blind crosses. Honestly, I don’t know how to evaluate them. You told someone else to watch for the lift for the jump behind you after the blind cross & I did try to do that.

Janie Peirce

Daisy, maybe I’m too late since you were going offline today, but I just wanted to remind you I posted a Push video & a landing side BC video this past week.

Jenni Young

Hi Daisy here is our landing side BC. Hope you’re having a great time over there oh and go get em!!


After looking at most of the videos, it looks like all of these crosses require the handler to be ahead of the dog. Interestingly, each one has it’s own sweet spot. I tried this last one and found that you most definitely need to be out of your dogs path before they jump or bad things can happen. πŸ™‚ And, with the BC, you are trusting your dog to jump towards you and over the jump as you turn your back on them. I will work on this one some more. Another option would be a hard rear cross at… Read more Β»


Hi Daisy. Thanks for your reply. For the landing side rear cross, because I am not “allowed” to run just yet, I set up two jumps in a line, put Darcy in a stay, moved laterally and then up towards the first jump. I think my mistake was to release her too soon … or she just got to the jump before I thought she would … either way, we almost collided. lucky for me, she did a nice slice and didn’t knock me over. So – I’ve seen you tell others to do the cross so that you can… Read more Β»

Merck Salazar

Paw Skills Drill ( Module 1) Unit 6,Landing Side BX,session 1

Merck Salazar

Thanks for the info Daisy. Yes, I’ll work on it.

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