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Hi. I’m taking this course with my 5 year old Sheltie, Andy. I’m looking forward to participating in class and learning lots from Daisy and class members.

Claire Meyer

I’m excited to work on these skills,
Meri my Golden is 2.5

Jenni Young

Pleased to be taking this course with my German Coolie Blu, he just turned 2 yesterday and doesn’t know a lot so I’m looking forward to this course it’s just what we need. Good to be back with you Daisy!


Hi! I am taking this class with my 16 month old lab, Ashe. He just started sequencing jumps at full height and just finished Linda’s jump foundations and one jump online classes, so I am very excited to work through these skills and drills. Wish it started sooner?

Janie Peirce

Hi Daisy, I’m taking this class with my Malinois Zoë who was in Chispa’s puppy class. Since then, we moved to a new town (where there are agility people & dogs!) and started building a retirement place. Then, my beloved Malinois Emmy died & my world crashed. Zoë’s training, such as it exists, has suffered with all the upheaval. I knew if I took this class I would be inspired to start training her like she deserves. I’m looking forward to getting started!

Janie Peirce

This has been a rough time for me…thanks for your kind words…


Hello Daisy! My name is Danielle and I have a male border collie 3 yrs old – Ozzy. We do agility in a place far away 🙂 in Bucharest, Romania. We love doing it, and we are so happy to follow your course and train with you.

Sandra Haigler

Hi Daisy. I am taking the course with Spiff, my just turned 3 year old golden retriever. We can’t wait to get started.

Edward Minar

Hello, psyched to be spectating with my Aussie puppy Loki!


Hi, Daisy! I am taking this course with Dizzy, my 4 ys. old male bearded collie. Being a participant of your Agility challenge 2018 we’ve already learned so much – and still are missing many of these necessary foundation skills, so I can’t wait for this course to start 🙂 As agility is not taught around here (southern Austria near the border to Italy/Slovenia, the next possibility to train is about 100 km away from where we live) and we’ve finally started competing earlier this year I am looking forward to working with you and putting our skills to the… Read more »

Claire Meyer

OOps I thought I was answering you when it was another Claire!
Meri and I are excitedly wating to start. She is a 2 1/2 yr old golden.


Hi! I’m joining as a spectator with my 5 year old Sheltie Bristol. I’m really looking forward to the class!


Kerry Stevenson

Hi Daisy,
I’ll be participating with Harli age 13 mos. Looking forward to it!


Looking forward to doing this course with my English Shepherd, lark.


Hi Daisy. A little over 6 weeks ago, I had hip resurfacing surgery (hip replacement) and am still on the mend. My goal is to be better/stronger/faster than before and I hope to get back in the ring in January. Darcy, my 4-yr old Golden can run, but I will probably need to be walking through most of the sequences for the next few months. I hope that doing so will enable me to really learn the mechanics before adding running/speed. I am looking forward to learning new stuff and tweaking the old!


i am Sandy taking the course with my 2.5 year old standard Poodle Marvel. We have tried several agility classes and seem to get stuck in limbo repeating the same thing over and over and never quite understanding. hoping to get past that


Hi, I’m taking this class with Braxton, my almost 4 yr old Lollie(Labxcollie) who is super smart. I’m 54 and recently returning to agility after taking 24 years off. Hoping this will help get me up to speed on all that’s changed.


I’m Laurie and my teammate is Teava, a 16 mos. old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I want solid foundation skills. I am guilty of skipping steps in the past and want to correct that


Hi Daisy! My 3yo GSD Liesl and I are excited to take the class. Ready and pumped for the work and the fun!

Merck Salazar

Hello Daisy, I’m taking Carter, my 5 years old border collie ( my 1st BC of 8). There is no way for us to level up but to reinforce on what we learned previously. We are ready and excited to take your class.


Hi Daisy,
I am taking this course as an observer to improve my skills with my 2-yr-old border collie named Spy. (Spy’s grand sire is your dog Solar). I am looking forward to starting the course.


I’m taking this course with my almost 3 year old Lab Piper. She’s a great dog and constant companion. We both love to do agility and look forward to practicing and class each week. I’m looking forward to this class and learning new things.

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