The shape of the coming year

We're headed in to winter, slowly but surely. The colors on the leaves here on the property are gorgeous, but the days are getting shorter, and every sunny afternoon is something to be treasured. My chickens aren't laying so many eggs all of a sudden, and getting up early in the morning is getting just a bit harder – it's dark!

I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to teach and train this winter in the Clear Mind Agility Hall, and I'm gearing up to teach more right here at my own agility playground in 2014.

I want you to mark your calendars for two big things coming in 2014!

Coming in April 2014, SIX days of agility training.

April 15-17, 2014,
I will be having an agility camp at the Clear Mind Agility Hall. We'll be working on improving our handling for ‘domestic' style courses (AKC, CPE, USDAA).

And, I'm happy to announce that as part of this camp, we'll also be working on our training and timing skills with “The Ladies”, the chickens that I've been raising up for just the purpose of helping agility handlers and trainers experience the training growth that I experienced at each of all the chicken camps I attended myself (and I attended all five levels!).

Then, April 18-20, 2014, we'll roll right in to an international agility camp / International Team Tryouts workshop, for those who are interested in those types of challenges, and who are planning on attending the International Team Tryouts for the AKC European Open and Agility World Championships Teams.

Anna Hinze, my agility friend from Germany, will be travelling from Germany to Oregon just for these two camps – she'll be lending her experience as a European Competitor to the mix, and I'm looking forward to having her!

Finally, we'll wrap it all up with a UKI Trial at the Clear Mind Agility Hall, Monday April 21st, with qualifiers for the 2014 US Open, the UKI National Championships.

August 4-6, 2014, three more days of agility training!
I'm please to announce that Stacy Goudy and Lori Michaels will be joining me for this three day camp at the Clear Mind Agility Hall. All you need to do is Google either one of those names to get excited that they'll be coming to my place to teach with me! Again, we'll be working on our agility handling and training skills, as well as playing with The Ladies, and it's going to be a blast!

We'll also have a UKI trial in conjunction with this event, although I'm not sure yet whether it'll be before or after camp.

STAY TUNED for registration for the April camp – registration will start December 1, and will be available on my website. As an added bonus, all seminar registrants will also receive access to the discussion forum at the Online Classroom website, where updates regarding camp will be posted once we get closer.

I'm so looking forward to 2014, and to inviting more of the world to come stay, and play, in beautiful Oregon!