Thoughts from the Instructors 

The Online Classroom Blog is a new feature, with thoughts and training tips from our instructors, past and present. Enjoy!

2019 Agility World Championships – Large Dog Runs Analysis

FREE video analyses for all of Daisy and Chispa’s runs together at the 2019 Agility World Championship held in Turku, Finland, September 2019!


Afraid to be beautiful

Juno is my only girl dog. Those of you who know me know that although I love working with students that have female dogs just as much as those with male dogs, there’s just something about me that just likes boy dogs more. It’s the boy puppies in a litter I ooh and aah over, […]

Building your own PVC wing jumps

Instructions for how to build your own international style PVC wing jumps. Also legal for AKC/USDAA and UKI competition.


Course challenge for the week of 12-27-2016 at Clear Mind Agility

Here’s the set up, course map, and analysis for the course that we ran in class at Clear Mind Agility last week of 2016. Enjoy!

Disappointment – You Wanna Sandwich?

Whether you’re a novice, or an old pro, disappointment is disappointment. For sure, what we DO with disappointment matters. We can use it to spur growth, or we can allow it to prevent us from moving forward. But when we are EXPERIENCING disappointment, it doesn’t matter what level we’re at, or whether or not somebody else would experience the same disappointment in the same situation. It’s real. And, if we’re discouraged from feeling those feelings of disappointment because they’re uncomfortable for others, who may not want to recognize those same feelings within themselves, nobody wins.


Football and the art of the Forward Motion Front Cross

If you can’t get your body to do the correct things at the correct time, it’s not going to matter one tiny bit how perfect your timing is…the mechanics of the forward motion front cross.


Getting great feedback as a participant

Objective Getting great video feedback starts with submission of a great video! The following tips will help your long distance instructor give you the best feedback possible, whether that instructor is me, another instructor in my online classroom, or an instructor in another online classroom. Let’s get started! Dress Appropriately It may seem strange that […]

Hillbilly Hydrotherapy

Instructions for how to make your own Hillbilly Hydrotherapy tank. For less than $1000 you can have an underwater treadmill of sorts in your garage as well!


I love to watch you play

A great example of how what you think influences how you behave, and how a little tweak to your mental routine can change the outcome dramatically!

International Course Challenge – December 15, 2016

Here’s the set up, course map, and analysis for the course that we ran in class at Clear Mind Agility the week of December 15, 2016. Enjoy!