What do tunnel discriminations, pushes to the backside, and threadles all have in common?

They ALL involve 'landing side approaches'! So, why do you need to teach your dog about them?

'IN' FOR THE WIN - ALL ABOUT LANDING SIDE APPROACHES is a self-study course that will help you master the challenge of approaching tunnels and jumps from the landing side, rather than from the usual takeoff side. You’ll never look at tunnel discriminations, threadles or backsides the same way again! Not sure what a Landing Side Approach (LSA) is? Watch this video, then continue reading!

Why Should You Sign Up?

TRUE COST AND FUTURE INVESTMENT: If you add up the cost of all of the agility runs you have already had, where the error was due to a lack of training when it comes to pushes to the backside of a jump, or threadles, OR tunnel discriminations, you've already spent more than this course costs!


How many agility runs have you had where you didn't qualify because your dog didn't know what you wanted when it comes to threadles, backsides, and tunnel discriminations?

These costs add up, and for the cost of less than a couple of weekends of trialling, you are saving yourself heaps on FUTURE runs where these errors will be far less likely to occur as a result of mastering the content in this course.

Ready Made For Independent Learners
AND Instructors!

If you're an instructor, this is invaluable content for you. You're looking for a way to teach GREAT pushes to the backside, threadles, and tunnel discriminations, right from the start. THIS is what you need. THIS course. If you're an independent learner and want to get an edge over the competition, or simply want to be able to clearly tell your dog what to do about a push to the backside, threadle, or tunnel discrimination, this course is for YOU.

What Students Are Saying About This Course!


This is how I teach my dogs pushes to the backside, threadles, and tunnel discriminations! In 2018, Frodo and I won three out of five rounds at the World Team Tryouts, largely in part because of our skill with this concept!! You can have the same skills, using this course!

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A backside isn't just a backside!

I love this class!! It never occurred to me to train a backside jump depending upon my position to the dogs - just thought backside was a backside - but visually and mechanically they are very different. Also, I have a puppy who will now learn a take off AND a landing side jump with equal value. Thanks Daisy - the course material is fabulous!

Margo F

Clear, logical, easy to understand

Clear, logical, and easy to understand. I hope Daisy will do more of these on different skills!!

Lanu P

I love it!

I LOVE everything about the content, presentation and navigation....Most people I know would probably think this price too steep, but they didn't get to preview it first. I just can't imagine all the planning and thinking this required. At a seminar I have to pay attention all 6-7 hrs and take my own notes and once I leave anything I missed it's gone. Here everything is broken down explained and presented in more than one way!!


Lots of Demonstrations

I will admit to being disappointed in some on line classes I have taken, but Daisy Peel has restored my faith. This class has taught my dog and I much needed skills to run today’s difficult courses. Daisy explains everything, gives plenty of demonstrations and even shows what can go wrong. I highly recommend this class!


Clear techniques, awesome instruction

Daisy is a master at breaking down concepts in a manner that make them digestible, both for student's understanding and execution. While I don't have these skills trained well enough yet to the point of using them in a trial setting, I have gotten far enough along in the process to start to integrate them into practice, and I LOVE them! Can't wait to get to the point (soon, very soon!) where we can get the upper hand in competition by using them on course. I also love the layout of the site, including the videos, but especially the PDFs that are built *into* the individual lesson pages. I hate downloading "mystery content"--this set up allows me to preview and then save it once I know that I need and want it! Thanks Daisy for the creative but clear techniques and awesome instruction!

Liz R

Exceptional Course

This course is exceptional. It is so valuable for anyone serious about dog Agility. The course is very clearly structured, offering step by step instruction with video, audio and text. if anyone follows this course without skipping steps, their team will have no trouble with threadles, and pulls to the landing side of jumps and tunnels occurring with increasing frequency in AKC Premier courses and International style courses.

Joseph V

One Of The Most Useful Online Courses I've Taken!

This class is one of the single most useful online classes I've ever taken. The fact is, landing side approaches are seen REGULARLY in modern agility courses, even if you don't recognize that they exist. I have seen significant gains in understanding on this topic in both my handling as well as my dog's response to these cues. The class has been revamped and given its own website now. The content has been massively updated and the course usability is better than ever. I really can't recommend this course enough; it is genuinely useful!

Willy D

Helped my running contacts

Saw this course an an excellent way to overcome the potential problems with backsides and threadles with running contacts (and to be honest 2020 contacts, which in competition is an issue if you don't invoke the stop). I will be doing it with a 15 month old and an experienced 7 year old Championship dog. The former is being trained with running contacts. No surprises on the depth of course material and the excellent way it is laid out (that's what I find you always get from Daisy's courses. At this stage I will give it 4/5, only because there is so much to work through. When I have finished I will come back post-review and no doubt give 5/5 :-). This course takes online training to the next level!

Aland G

Great Content

The course is great content! I like you how allow us to download the PDF with everything. Usually I end up spending hours making my own notes for a course so I can use it with future dogs. So it’s nice to have that tidy package done for me!



Prior to this course, my fastest dog didn't like threadles or start lines with landing side approaches. Since these sequences are very common in competition, it was a setback we needed to overcome. Daisy's way of teaching landing side approaches is genius. She broke it down into small, achievable steps, that are clear for the dog and the handler. Now that we understand the cue, my dog knows in advance what is coming next. Not only does she enjoy this skill, but we perform it confidently and faultlessly, every time we encounter it in courses. Thank you Daisy.

Carla S

What Will You Need?

  • Cones, or Jump Uprights (wings preferred)
  • One Tunnel
  • A 30x30' space
  • A willing canine partner!

What Will You Learn?

Take a look at the syllabus for this course below! 

All About Landing Side Approaches - Course Outline

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