July Challenge 

This month’s challenge is an “all in one” challenge! You can try some of it, or all of it, to your liking. Diana Dickinson, a Challenge Team Member, contributed to the challenge for this month (she came up with the idea, and I expanded on it, but really, kudos to Diana!). You can do the human conditioning stations, the canine conditioning station (teach your dog a ‘bow’), the training station (work on your sit stay while you do strange things like squats and planks), or just the handling – it’s entirely up to you!

The cool thing about this circuit is that it will get you thinking in a way that will benefit ALL your training. Most dogs don’t like drilling and rote repetition, and can benefit from working on a few different things at one time, in a circuit/station format. I find that with my own dogs, I can actually accomplish MORE training if I do a few repetitions of what I’m working on, then move on to something else, then something else, and then cycle through those 2-4 different things on my list, instead of just doing one thing over and over and over and….

You can use the circuit posted for this month’s challenge for starters, BUT, you can also create your own circuit if you’d like, using this as a template. If you want to post video of the individual challenges, you can post:

  • video of yourself doing a plank for feedback from Kimberly
  • video of yourself teaching your dog a bow for feedback from Daisy or Bobbie (since this is training AND conditioning both)
  • video of yourself working through the handling sequence for feedback from Daisy

Most of all, enjoy! Keep it fun and fast paced, and varied.


SUPPORT: Give it, get it, discuss, post your progress, join in!



Video for this Challenge

Coming soon!