February Training Challenge: Verbal Pull To The Takeoff Side Cues 

Although the benefits of working on this month’s Challenge may not be immediately obvious, once you wrap your brain around the concept, I’m confident you’ll agree it’s a worthwhile one to spend some time on! The video instructions for this Challenge are lengthy, but watch it through at least once, and perhaps more, as needed. Also, take the time to read the handout all the way through prior to starting.

This month’s Challenge is TOP SECRET. It’s actually the first part of a course that I will be launching later this year. I wanted to present the material to The Challenge Team for a couple different reasons. The first few steps, which are this month’s Challenge, will take about a month to really solidify, making the material perfect for a monthlong challenge. The concept is one that I’m guessing many Challenge Team Members are not familiar with, but it is an increasingly important concept. Also, and you’ll notice this when you crack open the PDF, there are still some tweaks that need to be made; there may be some grammatical and/or spelling errors, and for that I apologize. However, I’m hoping that as a group, you all will point them out to me to FIX!

So, please don’t share the information presented in this Challenge with a non-Challenge Team Member. Instead, if you want them to have access to this, and all the other Challenges, you can use the link on the Challenge Home Page to let them know how to sign up, at least til the end of the first Friday in February. After that – it’s top secret, confidential.



Video for this Challenge


Ready to get started? Read the PDF, watch the video, and let’s go!

SUPPORT: Give it, get it, discuss, post your progress, join in!