Training in Ten Minutes, Episode #2

If you’re one of those people who, while at work all day, dreams about what you will do with your dogs when you get home, only to find that the time you had slips away from you between chores, children, spouses, and the other little necessities of life, then you’re not alone! In this article, following the Bob Bailey motto of “Think, Plan, Do”, I’ll outline plans for skills that you can train in ten minutes or less, so that you can find the time you didn’t think you had to train your dogs!

Originally posted in Clean Run Magazine as part of a series titled “The 10-minute Trainer”, this episode goes through the step by step process of teaching your dog how to circle a cone or a pole. Take a look, have a listen, enjoy, and…Happy Training!


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DeeAnnWeis - last month

Just reviewing these trainers… Do you start using a verbal for this from the start or add it later? A wrap or turn command.

    Daisy Peel
    Daisy Peel - last month

    HI there DeeAnnWeis – great question! I usually wait til the dog is offering the behavior pretty solid in both directions based on my physical prompts to get them started in A direction to add verbals. It doesn’t take too long, so maybe a week or two, if I’m working on it pretty diligently (ie every day for a couple minutes) 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


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