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The class was an invaluable tool to understanding how important efficient body movement is in agility. I think we all benefit from watching ourselves on video and this was a great venue to be able to do that plus get critique on how to improve. Thx for offering this!

Thank You!

I owe you a big thank you - I was reading your Handling class workbook - I audited the class, but it was during a very stressful time, so did not see all the classes etc.

Anyways your Chapter on Sends - was an "aha" moment - when you described it as a split, it made so much sense!

People have been telling me I do not move out and my dog was coming off the jump or just jumping and not turning tight but very late etc. I was completely wrong in how I viewed it. We are now going back, retraining, the Send so he understands it is his job to go to the jump and turn, while I go some place else to sent the next line. It has made a world of difference for us.

Others have tried to explain sends, but your chapter, just opened my eyes to what I was doing or thinking incorrectly. I viewed it as - I send you to the jump- Not as I am sending you to the jump so you can turn and I can split in a different direction.

We both are happier now.

Precision Handling - Awesome Class!

I participated in this class with a young dog and our teamwork improved noticeably as the class progressed. The format with sequence maps, written descriptions of ways to handle and videos illustrating different cues and combinations worked really well for me. Daisy's feedback was timely and gave me the information I needed to improve. I'm looking forward to more classes!

Functional Fitness 2 - Brilliant

Functional Fitness 2. All I can say is WOW. A brilliant follow up to FF1. I'm learning so many new things - and they are all translating to the agility field. I feel Kristin is right here at my gym in Sydney Australia with her use of the 'Coaches Eye' software programme. The other thing ... her exercises are great fun and you do get to work at your own pace. Love working with Kristin and I'll be joining her in FF3.

Rear Crosses 101

Great course . Just the right amount of description and videos to explain everything . I Liked that I could do the course at my house and work it throughout the week, I can't wait for the next course I take !

You Must Take This Class!

Nothing puts the brakes on your agility career quicker than an injury, weather it be handler or dog. And when it happens to your dog it's so much worse than if you incurred the injury. My heart dog has a psoas injury. Bobbie has given me so much more help than my vet ever did. The class has provided everything I needed to help her heal! I can't thank Bobbie enough! This dog means everything to me and if I could take back 10 trials to her pre-injury state, I surely would! She is getting better now but like me, most of you will never understand the importance of injury prevention until AFTER the injury occurs! I urge each of you to invest in this class because it is more valuable than any handling class I've ever taken. Thanks Bobbie!

I absolutely loved these classes and learned so much !! Bobbie takes alot of time watching videos and commenting. Her observation skills are amazing !! I wish I lived closer so I could take my dogs to her in person !
I highly recommend Bobbie ! I look forward to the Conditioning 2 Class !!

Functional Fitness 1

Kristin and Daisy I can't thank you enough for this class. When I began I thought I would see improvement but not to the extent that I have. I've been running for years but on an agility course was always heavy footed! Kristin identified the problem right at the start - provided exercises to correct the issue and I'm now running as I should ... lightly and with fluid movement.
I can't thank you enough as this drastic change has already begun to impact on my handling. I would recommend all agility handlers take this course. Great improvements in my overall fitness as well. Great stuff!

I have just finished Helen's structure course.. and I *thoroughly* enjoyed it. I had some vague ideas about structure previously, but I have learnt SO much..and now know what to look for when picking for agility. Helen was a wonderful teacher who replied so quickly to each question..it felt like one big ongoing conversation for 6 weeks! Would really recommend this course for anyone!

Excellent Class

I just wanted to compliment you again on this class. It has made a HUGE improvement in my handling in only 7 weeks. Actually after the first session I was handling much better. Since the beginning of this class my dog's points have gone up an average of 1.36 seconds on Masters JWW and 2.466 seconds on Masters STD AKC courses. He went from being a mostly 2nd place dog to a mostly 1st place dog. He is now faster than dogs that I thought he was not capable of being faster than. I thought he just wasn’t the fastest dog on the block but it was my handling all along. Thanks again.

From a Handling Class Student - Thank You!

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