Games Drills

Last week I posted this set-up for the Competition classes I teach in Kansas City. Normally, I will use set-ups I have had in class when I teach seminars.  This time, I decided to bring some game drills I used in recent seminars back to my classes since we had so much fun with them!

The Setup

The Setup


The basis of this drill uses the ladder set-up from my previous blog which can be seen HERE.
Warning! These games are not just for those who compete in USDAA or similar organizations offering snooker-type games classes!  I wanted these exercises to emphasize the importance of balance in respect to the dog being in handler vs. obstacle focus.  Also, it teaches the handlers to create smooth, efficient paths for the dog when given the task of  planning their own courses.   Think of it as brain games to improve our agility neuroplasticity!  Enjoy!

The first exercise is fairly basic and focuses only on the jumps and tunnels:


Jump Gap Drill #1


This next one is a fun game I call “Gaps and Jumpers”.  How can you most efficiently get your dog through the gaps?

Now, to add the AF and Weaves for more challenges.  Please give your dogs a “nice” approach to the AF!

Lastly, here is a fun timed-gamble game:


Fun Timed Gamble Game


Have fun coming up with your own game rules!