Podcast Session 13: An Interview With Bobbie Lyons

Bobbie Lyons at work

Bobbie Lyons at work

In this week's podcast, I conclude my series of interviews with my fellow instructors at my DaisyPeel.com Online Classroom. Last, but certainly not least, is Bobbie Lyons, who approached me last year about teaching in the Online Classroom. Well, it's been over a year, and I'm happy to say that not only have *I* benefited from having her in my virtual classroom, but dozens and dozens of people and their dogs, who wouldn't normally have access to the type of instruction Bobbie provides, have benefited as well!

Bobbie now teaches two classes in my Online Classroom, and I must say, I can always tell just by watching who is in my classes AND Bobbie's classes; the dogs are extra attentive, quick to offer behaviors, and are advanced with their coordination and body awareness.

Bobbie doesn't have any titles or accreditations after her name, but then again, neither do I 🙂 What she DOES have, along with Kristin, Helen, and me, is a passion for instruction, and for helping others and their dogs, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Listen on, and enjoy!

Here's the podcast:


Interested in learning more about Bobbie and her classes?

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