Not sure which course to take?

Here at The Online Classroom we have a full library of courses you can choose from, on a variety of topics to suit your needs. All of the courses currently offered are listed below and have live links – check it out! If the links are not live, the course is not currently being offered.

Classes Offered

ZANEE AGILITY TRICKS: This amazing tricks class is four months long and provides you with great instruction and feedback on fun tricks that will also help your relationship and communication skills with your dog! Taught by Jordan Biggs.

SNOOKER 101: This self-study class, taught by Lori Michaels, will teach you everything you need to know about snooker! Taught by Lori Michaels. 

WINNING WARM UPS: Learn how to warm yourself up properly prior to exercise (including an agility run or agility training) to minimize your risk of injury! Taught by Kimberly Chase

Other learning materials


LOOK BACK – LEARNING ABOUT BLIND CROSSES: Buy or rent this Blind Cross video by Daisy Peel

ALL ABOUT LANDING SIDE APPROACHES: A comprehensive course on teaching your dog threadles and backsides!

CLEAR MIND: Daisy Peel and Shawna Palmer team up to help you with your mental game!

THE 10-MINUTE TRAINER: Sold at Clean Run's Online Store, this eBook by Daisy Peel has training plans for the busy dog agility handler

USING THE TREAT AND TRAIN IN AGILITY: Sold at Clean Run's Online Store, this eBook by Daisy Peel will show you how a remote controlled treat dispenser can up your agility training!

K9 FITNESS RECORD BOOK: Use this record book to keep track of your dog's conditioning and fitness program. By Daisy Peel and Bobbie Lyons