The Perfectly Imperfect Puppy Blog

Join Daisy and her puppy Chispa as they start their journey together, from puppyhood to competition agility partner. Explore training options that Daisy presents that can be used to enhance your own training with your puppy or new canine partner!

Why "Perfectly Imperfect?"

Whenever we get a new puppy or dog, it's natural to worry that we're not doing it right. That we're going to "mess up". That we will fail. That we will miss out on THE bit of information that will make or break the whole endeavor. Part training blog, part philosophy, part support group, step aside from the worry and the fear, be brave, ENJOY the process, and oh yes...grow a puppy that you can be proud of and OWN your story together.

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Puppy Posture and Recalls to Heel

Today is day ONE of the third annual Clear Mind Agility Camp, and I thought I’d take a few moments to update the puppy blog. No real training is being done with Chispa this week, other than “learn to spend…

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Chispa goes to the parade

Last weekend was the Portland Pride Parade. I wouldn’t have known about it but a good friend let me know, and, given the recent events in Orlando, and that I have a puppy who needs to see the sights and…

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Collar Grab

Chispa and I are in Fairbanks, Alaska this week! I’m here to teach a three day seminar, just prior to this weekend’s AWC Team Practice, and next week’s Clear Mind Agility Camp. So, the next two weeks are going to…

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Back Up

Play, play, play. I’ve never seen a puppy play so much. With me, with George, with the other dogs, by herself….play, play, play. So much playing. Chispa is very playful, super happy. Even while I’m chasing after her (yea yea…

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Chispa Meets The Manners Minder

The Manners Minder has long been a staple of my training – in fact, I literally wrote the book on using it for agility training. Yep. Today was Chispa’s VERY first interaction with the Manners Minder (Treat & Train, same…

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Chispa’s Weekend

OK, spoiler alert, NO major training happened this weekend with Chispa. I was Trial Chair for the local agility club’s USDAA trial, and as it was my first time in that role, I was pretty busy making sure the place…

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Just ten treats

Some time ago, one of my students spoke to me about her plan to teach her highly athletic, high prey drive, driven standard poodle. She wrote a blog post about it around the same time, and you can read it HERE….

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Beginning Food Bowl Manners

Chispa is a puppynado. We are slowly but surely entering the less and less sleeping throughout the day phase. She’s pretty good in her crate, placed near the desk in my office, but she’s wanting more and more activity when…

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Chispa learns the dog door

Chispa is a very happy, adventurous, and persistent puppy. She’s definitely more interested in people than other dogs, which is wonderful, but I do want to make sure that she has ample opportunity to interact with other dogs, my dogs…

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Look at me, look at me, look at me

The following content was originally sent out to subscribers to my email list, with the promise that it’d be reposted here for comments and discussion in the discussion forum that is available for premium subscribers. Look at me, look at…

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The baby nose bop and a cardboard box

Not much formal training happened yesterday for Chispa, BUT, she did get to go to the vet. Hooray! Ok, not really. Tuesday evening, while playing, she smacked her head into the floor and broke one of her baby canines clear…

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