The Perfectly Imperfect Puppy Blog

Join Daisy and her puppy Chispa as they start their journey together, from puppyhood to competition agility partner. Explore training options that Daisy presents that can be used to enhance your own training with your puppy or new canine partner!

Why "Perfectly Imperfect?"

Whenever we get a new puppy or dog, it's natural to worry that we're not doing it right. That we're going to "mess up". That we will fail. That we will miss out on THE bit of information that will make or break the whole endeavor. Part training blog, part philosophy, part support group, step aside from the worry and the fear, be brave, ENJOY the process, and oh yes...grow a puppy that you can be proud of and OWN your story together.

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Chispa does more agility!

I’m in Hartford, CT, at the moment, with Frodo, for Agility World Championships Team USA Practice. But, I came armed with videos to post for the puppy blog series, and of course Chispa’s life continues back at home in Oregon….

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Chispa does agility – The Bang Game

Oh no, Daisy is doing agility with her 5 month old puppy! Hey everybody! Look! Nothing so exciting as all that, I’m afraid. Plus, I’ve been doing agility with Chispa since she was 8 weeks old. You know, every step…

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Oh, it’s THAT time…

Chispa has been growing adult teeth for the past couple of weeks. Well, I guess technically, she’s been growing them longer than that, but now they are coming THROUGH. I always wonder if it’s better or worse, cutting sharp dog…

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Put your toys away – STEP ONE

Sunday, in addition to working on GO TO YOUR MAT with Chispa, I also started working on teaching her to pick up a toy and put it in a box. Today, I’m covering step ONE of that process. Short and…

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Slowtime Summer Sunday

I’m still recovering a bit from the European Open trip to France with Frodo. Predictably, I caught a summer cold (it was my birthday this week too, so that was a nice gift). I was planning on heading to a…

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Reconnecting with Chispa

I got home from the European Open late Tuesday evening, so Chispa didn’t make it back to the household until Wednesday morning. She grew! And, oh, I was so happy to see her. She seemed especially happy to see me, which…

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Chispa goes to camp

I’m writing this from France! More on that in a separate bunch of blog posts; this is about CHISPA! Friday was a busy day; I drove two hours north to Olympia, WA, to get Frodo’s international health certificate endorsed, and…

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Four Feet in a Bowl/Box

By now, if you’re a subscriber, and able to see the premium content (ie the actual behaviors and how-to instructions) for each behavior I’ve been teaching Chispa, you’re realizing that most of what I’m doing with her is nothing special….

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Puppy Shenanigans and Sleepovers

Things are getting busy around here at Clear Mind Agility. I’m trying to keep life separated from puppy training, but really, that’s a ridiculous and artificial division. Chispa didn’t do much but grow this past weekend, while I: Attended a…

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The two toy game – adding motion

Before I go on with the newer behaviors that I started working on with Chispa over the weekend (at the show, ringside, because I wanted to do something other than just feed her for being cute…), I want to finish…

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Beginning Retrieves

Chispa eliminates one more safe space for the other dogs in the household, and the next step in the two toy game – beginning retrieves!

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The Two Toy Game – Get The Live Toy

Last week was an amazing week here at Clear Mind Agility, because it was Summer Camp Week. I’ll write more about that later, separately, at, where my ramblings on life in general reside. This is all about Chispa! No…

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