The Perfectly Imperfect Puppy Blog

Join Daisy and her puppy Chispa as they start their journey together, from puppyhood to competition agility partner. Explore training options that Daisy presents that can be used to enhance your own training with your puppy or new canine partner!

Why "Perfectly Imperfect?"

Whenever we get a new puppy or dog, it's natural to worry that we're not doing it right. That we're going to "mess up". That we will fail. That we will miss out on THE bit of information that will make or break the whole endeavor. Part training blog, part philosophy, part support group, step aside from the worry and the fear, be brave, ENJOY the process, and oh yes...grow a puppy that you can be proud of and OWN your story together.

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Sit Stays!

After the Anna Hinze seminar finished yesterday, and I’d put up all the Christmas lights the cold weather and my fingers would allow, it was time for some training with Chispa! If you read through my previous post, you’ll see…

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Friday fun

Anna is still here, visiting from Germany, and so Friday, we packed up and headed for the hills, with fingers crossed that it wouldn’t pour, and some almond cookies baked by George for a snack, and with the camera (a…

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Landing Side Approaches – First Steps

I’ve been thinking a lot about landing side approaches lately. You know, pushes to the takeoff side of a jump when the dog is approaching from the landing side, pulls to the same. It doesn’t have to be a jump –…

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Chispa and Running Contacts

After a long absence from Chispa (and the rest of the dogs), I got home from Missouri and Singapore, and got back to some…running contact training! When I was in Missouri, I gave a short running contact presentation, information communication…

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Brief Chispa update

October – where is it going? It’s going to Missouri, where I am now (and where I got to work with some super fun puppy owners today), and will be til Sunday. It’s going to Singapore, where I will be…

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Overdue Chispa Update

Well, getting back in to “regular” training has taken longer than I would have hoped, when it comes to Chispa. When I got her home from the puppy watcher that had her when I was in Spain, she was FAT….

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Back in the saddle with Chispa

Tuesday, Frodo and I arrived home (late in the evening) from Spain, just in time to crash in bed. Wednesday, after a bit of teaching in the morning, I headed off to pick up Chispa from the babysitter. Would she…

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Last training before AWC with Chispa

This weekend Frodo and I will be off to Spain for the Agility World Championships. Tomorrow, Chispa heads off to stay with a friend during our absence. While I’m ok leaving the grown up dogs at the house in the…

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A conditioning checkup with Bobbie Lyons

Last week, Chispa, Frodo, and I headed downtown to pay a visit to Bobbie Lyons, who teaches K9 Conditioning all over the world and right here in the classroom. She teaches a bunch of classes, some of which are registering…

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Chispa’s first big show

This year, USDAA Cynosport Games are in Arizona, and, I’M DRIVING! Yep, it’s a long way, but I’ll have company on the drive, AND, I don’t want to pass up a chance to take Chispa along. I’m always jealous of…

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Chispa discovers sheep

Yesterday, I was out in the pasture, mending a hose that feeds the stock tank that waters the sheep, and Chispa discovered how to get under the fence and in to the pasture. Then, she discovered sheep poop (Raisinets, anyone?)….

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Circling a cone

Monday I got home after being away for Agility World Championships Team USA Team Practice, and the first thing I had to do was squeeze Chispa. She’s so cute!! Of course she had other ideas, and wanted to play tug….

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