Take your dog from zero to six poles in this 4 week class!

Why take this course?

In this four week course, your dog will learn how to weave 6 poles with instruction on how to go from 6 to 12 regulation poles.

Teach your dog to weave poles two by two in this class. No need to take up valuable time in classes working on weave poles, when you can get help in your back yard! Focus on the weave poles for four weeks, work through the steps, and have your dog weaving in less than a month!

How Long Is This Course?

This is a four week course that is highly focused on ONE thing, WEAVES!

Having weaving problems?

Starting over from the ground up can often expose holes you didn’t even know about. Even experienced weavers can benefit from a ‘back to basics’ session.

Will I Get Feedback?

YES! You'll get access to a discussion forum where you can talk to Julie Delarue about your homework. You'll get to ask questions, and, if you can't make it to one of the Q & A sessions, you'll still be able to hear Lori's answers to your questions and view the recorded Q & A sessions any time you like!

Can I do this course with any dog?

As long as your dog is mentally AND physically ready for the demands of weaving, you are ready for this class! Dogs should be at least 10 months old, but since you’re going to be teaching your dog to weave in four weeks or less, there’s no need to really start until your dog is ~12 months old or so. Make sure your dog is READY to go from start to finish quickly, as we won’t be spending much time on the intermediate steps. Weave pole training done properly goes quickly, so you and your dog will need to be prepared.

What Equipment do I need?

You only need enough space for a set of six weave poles, with ~5′ before and after the poles. A 10’x20′ space is more than sufficient You’ll need three sets of two poles, which you’ll need to be able to either weight or secure. Toward the end, if you can modify your sets of two poles to be four poles connected, and then six poles connected, that’s even better (see video below for construction ideas, you don’t need to spend a lot of $$ on this!!)

Will I have to submit Video?

Maybe. For this class, EVERYBODY is a participant. Video submission is optional, and sometimes Julie may ask for people to post short clips as demonstrations of common problems. Focus on solving your weave pole problems with Julie's help, rather than on getting video of your training!

What exactly are the topics in this Course?

Week 1: Zone Clicking, Introducing the Poles & Introducing Correct Entry Week 2: Learning Entries Around the Clock Week 3: Adding Poles 3 and 4 Week 4: To infinity..and beyond! Or…to 6 poles and beyond.

How much is this course?

Four weeks of lessons, feedback, and Q & A sessions with Julie Delarue, all for just $99!

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