Solve them with this two course series from Lori Michaels!

What if I told you...

The secret to staying ahead of your dog on course is NOT being a world class sprinter, but rather, it's having the ability to delegate responsibility to your teammate to allow you more handling freedom!

This simple concept one of the main factors keeping good teams from becoming GREAT teams.

In this class, Lori has designed a series of exercises to help you teach your dog better jump commitment (forward and lateral sends, recalls, serpentines, wraps, backsides, etc) to be applied in scenarios where your motion traditionally overrides your dog's ability to stay on task.

Unlock the potential within your team, starting right here, with this course!

How Long Is This Course?

This is a two week course that is highly focused on ONE thing, JUMP COMMITMENT!

Will I Get Feedback?

YES! You'll get access to a discussion forum where you can talk to Lori Michaels about your homework!

Will I have to submit Video?

Maybe. For this class, EVERYBODY is a participant. Video submission is optional, and sometimes Lori may ask for people to post short clips as demonstrations of common problems. Focus on solving your jump commitment problems with Lori's help, rather than on getting video of your work!

When can I start?

Register NOW for this course, which starts OCTOBER 26!!

How much is this course?

Two weeks of lessons, feedback, and Q & A with Lori Michaels, all for just $79!

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