Linda Mecklenburg’s Awesome Paws Skills Drills



Daisy Peel and Linda Mecklenburg have teamed up to bring you this course! Using Linda's “Skills Drills” sequences, originally seen in Clean Run Magazine, you'll be challenged to perform a variety of cue combinations, which will provide you with a skills checklist.

For each drill, you will be directed to perform a specific skill or combination of skills. The skills required are very basic at first, but quickly progress to an advanced level.

Think outside the box!

Work through all of the skills to be sure that you have each in your bag of tricks. As you do so, you'll be asked to think about your cue combinations and how they compare from skill to skill.

Linda's material will provide suggestions for cue combinations that might be used as a guideline for each skill, but after this class, you'll be more than prepared to come up with some of your own.

For each lesson of this 8-lesson course you'll get access to:

  • Video demonstrations
  • Feedback and discussion on your work (PARTICIPANTS only)
  • Membership to a secret Facebook group for discussion on each lesson (PARTICIPANTS and SPECTATORS)
  • Suggestions for improvement

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you have a copy of Linda's Mastering Jumping Skills  and her Developing Handling Skills books as reference for this course. You can get them by clicking HERE.

You'll have 12 weeks to complete all 8 lessons, with Daisy's feedback (Participants only)!

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Linda and Daisy on the podium together in Chile – Americas Y Caribe

Complete the skills checklist!

textdocument In addition to video tutorials showing you how each cue combination might be executed, you'll receive access to CRCD course maps, images, and descriptions of each cue combination. As a participant, you will be asked to film yourself doing these cue combinations with your dog, and submit your videos (uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video service) to the secret Facebook group, where you'll receive feedback on your work from Daisy Peel!


See what others have said!

[st_testimonials number_items=”2″ style=”list”] [st_testimonial index=”0″ title=”Mary and Jones” image_id=”16951″ subtitle=””]”I just want to say again how happy I am with this class. Jones’s jumping is so much better, so I have to believe my communication/timing is improving. What I really can’t believe is that he did every backside jump without any down bars. We haven’t been able to go to backside at all and for this series of exercises it was perfect. He’s adding a nice little extra step which is making all the difference. We did Bobbi’s class earlier and I think that has helped too with improved body awareness and core strength. We’ll be continuing that in the Fall. We still stink at trials, but the practice is so much more fun anyway and now especially because we can focus on fun exercises and not bar knocking. (and my other dog Gus is REALLY benefitting from what I am learning and doing great). So thanks again.” [/st_testimonial] [st_testimonial index=”1″ title=”Denise and Trek” image_id=”16951″ subtitle=””]”Thanks so much for a great course and for allowing me to be part of it – I’ve learnt HEAPS. Thanks to allowing access after the course finishes and I still have heaps to learn by going back and reviewing the drills and your comments again and again and again (lol). trek and I have really enjoyed the challenges and learning new skills.” [/st_testimonial] [/st_testimonials]
Course duration: 12 weeks
Course cost: $299USD for Participants, $149USD for Spectators
Limit: 20 Participants, unlimited Spectating

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