Training on your own? Need additional help and guidance? These exercises are the key to improving your handling skills!

Need guidance? Motivation? Need help keeping your training sessions focused? Feeling stagnant in your training and handling?


What will you do to ensure you’re not always training to your strengths, without working on your weaknesses? How will you make sure you maintain a balance in your training? You’ve got enough time to train, but what do you work on? How do you know what kinds of sequences to set up? Get guidance to keep your training on track, and ensure progress with the development of your handling skills!

Clear Communication

An emphasis on the details of clear communication, and the mechanical skills that make all great handling possible, as well as exploring all your options, even those you aren’t comfortable with, is the key to PROGRESS.

Lesson Plans

Looking for sequences to set up for your classes? These sequences provide a framework for you to give your students consistent feedback on the handling options available to them. Learn how to improve the feedback you give your students by viewing the analyses and feedback Daisy has given her students, and save time planning for classes each week!


For just over $5/week, it’s YOURS, including Exercise Books to help you keep track of your progress, if you purchase the whole package.


Start working through the sequences, and head into the ring confident that you will be able to handle your way through the challenges that have been holding you and your dog back!

Demonstrations of every sequence by Daisy and her dogs

For every single sequence, Daisy demonstrates with at least one, and often two of her dogs. See multiple ways that the courses can be run, with experienced as well as novice dogs! Here's an example...

Video analysis of each and every sequence

Here's a sample video analysis from just ONE course - and there are three courses for every week of the year, and sometimes more!
Chat with Daisy

Monthly LIVE QA Sessions

Once a month you'll have the opportunity to discuss sequences you're working on with Daisy in a live Q&A Chat session. You'll also get access to the recordings of the weekly Q&A sessions held for each course. In addition to listening to a breakdown of the sequences for each week, you'll also get some great general training tips and tricks.

    More content than you can shake a jump bar at

    Not only do you get to see videos of Daisy doing the sequences, and watch analyses of every sequence, but you ALSO get course maps, and access to the discussion forums from every single class!

    You'll ALSO get access to a moderated discussion forum where you can talk about the exercises with others who are working through them! Discuss, and learn from one another, and watch the Q&A sessions you may have missed out on for the past month.


      Pay monthly, or for the whole year!

      You can choose to pay on a month-by-month basis, or for the whole year! Yearly access includes your very own copy of the 2014 Precision Handling Exercise Book, that you can take out to the training field with you, and use to keep track of your progress!

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        2015 BOOK ONLY - For the budget conscious

        While you won’t get the benefit of the analysis and demonstration videos, you’ll at least get the exercises in this printed book, for just $12.95 + $5 shipping! For maximum benefit, though, consider the full package, and remember, the package is 50% off through the end of January!