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This class will be NEW and improved starting in January 2015 – stay tuned!!!

This 9-week course teaches exercises, tricks and stretches to increase range of motion, flexibility, reflexes, and increases muscle tone and endurance. The exercises are designed to reduce the risk of injury and increase balance, core strength, body awareness and over-all performance. This class is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience. Proper positioning for each exercise is vital to maximize the benefits and to be certain you are targeting the proper muscle groups.

Learn the importance of routines for warm up/cool down, strengthening and stretching.

All exercise will be trained on the flat and suggestions are offered during the course on how to increase the difficulty of the exercises using the FitPaws Peanut or Egg or other equipment.

  • Working Students will be allowed to submit video of the exercises, in addition to participating in discussions.
  • Auditors will be encouraged to participate in discussions, but will not submit video of the exercises for review/critique/help.

Positioning of each exercise is important to insure the proper muscle is being strengthened or stretched.

Recommended equipment (not required): FitPaws Peanut or egg the right size for your dog. A coupon code for 10% off is offered the first week of class. Instructor help is available for sizing your dog to a ball.

Please remember that before starting any exercise program for your dog, he should be seen by a veterinarian to insure the dog has no physical limitations. If your dog has been injured, consult with a physical therapist or rehabilitation expert prior to starting any exercise routine.

Learn more about Bobbie by listening to this podcast interview! Click HERE.

Bobbie Lyons, Cert. C.F., Pawsitive Performance, Ph. 503-329-1235

Email:  pawsitiveperformance@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.pawsitive-performance.com/


Bobbie Lyons has been training and competing in agility with her dogs for over 10 years.  She has also participates in herding, and teaches in person classes on trick training, improving focus and human workouts with your dog.  She currently has three Border Collies and an Australian Shepherd. One of her dogs, Force, has a rotated pelvis that prevents him from fully extending his hind legs when jumping in agility.  This structural issue puts more stress on his body and lends to injury. Because of this issue, Bobbie made it a priority to obtain the knowledge and skill to keep him more comfortable, flexible and stronger so that he could enjoy the sport of agility without pain.  What she realized along the way was that Force was not aware of his feet and how to individually move them, nor did he have the core strength needed to support his poorly aligned pelvis.

Bobbie poured over every book, video and class that she could find on massage, acupressure and canine sports fitness. She made appointments, quizzed and gained relationships with rehabilitation veterinarians, osteopaths, chiropractors and canine physical therapists.  She immediately started implementing exercises suggested by these professionals not just for her structurally challenged dog but her healthy dogs too.

After studying and working with her dogs on core strengthening, conditioning exercises, and stretches, Bobbie taught her first class on Canine Conditioning in 2006. Teaching and working with dogs over the past seven years has given her the experience needed to develop a well-rounded program that anyone can do with a healthy dog.   After several years of teaching, Bobbie was able to show her program to Dr. Bianca Shaw of Back on Track Veterinary Rehabilitation Center. (The leading Rehab Vet in the Portland Metro Area) Dr. Shaw put her stamp of approval on the program and now incorporates some of these conditioning exercises in her practice to strengthen the core muscles of her client’s dogs. Bobbie interns with professionals in the field to further her education on a regular basis.  She feels there is always something to learn and refine.

Bobbie’s Canine Conditioning workshops and classes are held all over the northwest and she has traveled as far at Atlanta, Georgia to teach this program.  She gets requests from all over the US, Canada and even from Australia to teach workshops.  She started teaching in the Daisy Peel Classroom in January of 2012.  Her classes fill mostly by referral.  Please see the testimonial tabs for student and colleague references.

textdocument In addition to video tutorials showing you how to do each exercise, you’ll receive access to images, and descriptions of each exercise. There's an astounding amount of information in Bobbie's classes! You’ll be asked to film yourself doing conditioning exercises with your dog, and submit your videos (uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video service) to the discussion forum, where you’ll receive feedback.

Spectators will be able to join in the discussion and learn from Bobbie's feedback, as well as view the assignments of the participants!

Once you’ve registered for this class, links to weekly assignments will show up in the MY CONTENT portion of the site!

Below are testimonials from Bobbie's students:

Online Classroom Testimonials:


Bobbie presents a wealth of information each week in her K9 Conditioning Class. I really appreciate how she puts each exercise into context. Explaining the specific area the exercise helps to strengthen and how that area relates to our dogs overall performance. Then providing detailed instructions on how to do the exercises, breaking them down into smaller steps and including video examples and PDF summaries.


The detailed and prompt feedback that Bobbie provides on my K9 Conditioning homework videos has been invaluable. She is able to clearly communicate when we have correctly, or incorrectly, executed the exercises – and provides several training suggestions to help us meet any challenges that come up along the way.


I really like the pace of the K9 Conditioning class. It’s flexible enough to allow me to spend additional time on the exercises that are more challenging, without feeling left behind. And I can adjust when I submit my homework to accommodate my work and agility trial schedule




I think the pace of the class and content is perfect! I love, love, love this class, it is far better than I thought it would be. Before I registered, I was worried that it would be too slow and did not know whether to join this class or the advanced.



Love the class!



I consider you & Daisy an integral part of my team. I love what I am learning here and the pace is perfect. You are providing a good & consistent level of exercises, in a good format, which I can understand and it is complimentary to what I am already doing.



I totally LOVE your class! It is my best ever online class! I love all of Daisy’s classes but your class is a MUST class for every dog owner. Daisy should make it mandatory 🙂 And you Bobbie do such an awesome job! I am so thrilled to be part of this class. Maybe I am going to do it again with one of my other dogs 🙂

RS, Switzerland


I really like the pace of class.   I really like the variety and the level of detail in which you make corrections. It is very informative.  You have been very good about late homework, that is appreciated.




In Person Group, Class, and Private Lesson Testimonials:

“Bobbie brings specific knowledge of the needs of athletic dogs, as well as an understanding of the imperfections inherent in each individual. She works with human-dog teams to improve the bond and engender deeper trust and a working relationship. I have heard from many of my clients about the fun they had, but also how they learned more about core body strength. This, even from owners of dogs with back issues (when they took another dog to Bobbie), when I have spent months, years even, on core strength, but not to the extent, and not with as challenging of exercises. Bobbie teaches the physical education aspect, or sports training.


Her class is a wonderful introduction to normal body mechanics. Technicians and veterinarians get so little information on how to develop and maintain “normal” and yet we see young animals every day. My job would be much easier if owners were primed to think about appropriate body mechanics and awareness with their pets’ activities. If I had the time, I would run a course of preventative conditioning

for imperfect conformation to coincide with Bobbie’s course.”

Dr. Bianca Shaw, DVM Back on Track Rehabilitation Center


I have been involved with dogs and horses in performance sports since being a teenager.  My Rottweiler, Greta, suffered from a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament.  While the veterinarians involved with my dogs care provided a review of exercises to do after a rest period, the dog’s injury prohibited a physical demonstration of the therapy.  Bobbie not only provided a great description and explanation, she demonstrated each exercise with her own dogs, then instructed me as I tried the exercises with my dog.  Bobbie explained what muscles were involved in each exercise, and put both the dog and myself at ease during each session.  I have since employed what I learned to my other 3 dogs who are active in agility and obedience for exercise when weather is bad with great results”

Judi James, KPA-CTP Owner of My Dogs Gym & Training Centre


“Bobbie Lyons has demonstrated a knowledge and passion for dog training. She has encouraged owners to take a studied, hands –on approach to helping their own dogs become stronger and more confident through training.  Benefits include mental and physical stimulation for the dog, as well as guidance and training for the owner.  I can personally vouch for the one on one care and instruction Bobbie supplies during her workshops.  Bobbie understands each dog has unique issues, which vary from dog to dog.  This is an important distinction that she has proven to give careful thought to.  The exercises I have learned in Bobbie’s workshops have been a great outlet for my dogs, as well as fun.  I recommend Bobbie Lyons’ classes to many of my clients and will continue to do so in the future”

Rubi Sullivan, Owner Heal Animal Massage


“I attended Bobbie Lyons’ Core Strengthening Workshop and found it extremely valuable in maintaining the health of my dog and in building our relationship. As a young dog, my Cavalier Kind Charles Spaniel, was diagnosed with luxating petallae.  Cutting back her activity kept her form limping, but was taking a serious toll on her muscles mass, and I was concerned about further injury.  I took Bobbie’s class in hopes of learning a safe way to make my dog stronger without exacerbating her injury.  I am a physical therapist and stress the importance of a strong core with all my patients, so I could easily transfer this to my dog. 


After the first class when Bobbie learned of my dogs injury, she worked with a canine rehab specialist to keep all activities safe.  The unexpected benefits of the class were the increased surefootedness as my dogs hind end awareness increased and the enthusiasm to which she shows whenever we work on Bobbie’s program.  My dog is now able to continue her activities in Rally Obedience with no signs of lameness”

Molly Breedenberg, PT-Obedience and Rally Obedience competitor




Bobbie is well versed in the exercises she teaches and the reasons for them.  She demonstrated each exercise with one of her dogs, and then helped each dog and owner so there was no concern of failure or confusion.  I have continued the various ball and floor exercises at home to build strength and balance in my young dog as well as rebuild strength in my older dog.  I feel very strongly that this seminar would be of great benefit to anyone who attends”

Wendy Lee Ware-Kelley, LVT – Agility competitor


“I have personally taken the Core Strengthening class with my 9 year old Lab, Jake.  Jake has severe hip dysplasia.  Bobbie took great care to teach us the proper movements to improve his muscle tone, and prevent injury.   I have recently took Jake in for a check up with his orthopedic surgeon.   The surgeon was pleased with Jake’s muscle tone, and how well he’s doing.  I explained the exercises we learned to keep his core and hip muscles toned.  He was very impressed, and had never heard of this type of specific conditioning exercises.”

Margie Vincent-Robers, Owner of PetUtopia


I had both my Labrador Retreivers participate in the workshop that Bobbie Taught for DoveLewis Animal Assisted Therapy and Education program participants. Both dogs, one seven and the other two yeas of age, are quite physically fit and enjoy new challenges.  We have practiced the exercises demonstrated during class at home with positive results.  I believe this type of exercises program is beneficial  for both mental and physical wellbeing.  The exercise also provides an excellent opportunity for handler and their dogs to work on developing mutual trust through physically challenging exercises. 

Heather Toland, CVT, MAEE, Director for Dove Lewis Animal Assisted Therapy and Education Program


“Bobbie’s gentle and consistent training techniques have proven invaluable for me as I have taken on a new dog that had no prior training.  The techniques that she offered and demonstrated to me allowed me and my dog to begin forming a strong bond, which in turn has built a strong trust between the two of us.


Bobbie spends time with each dog as well as with the owners.  Understanding each person and animal is unique and it’s not “one size fits all”.  She gives advice freely, is happy to answer questions anytime, even outside of class settings and keeps her classes small for personal attention.


I was amazed at how quickly my dog learned new tricks and advanced in her training, with the techniques Bobbie used.  I can recommend her to anyone with any dog”

Carol Dobbs, K9 Conditioning Client


“After taking Bobbie’s “On the Ball” seminar and course with both of my Great Danes, I’ve has some very positive results.  Heffner, my male, and I have been taking agility classes for about a year now and there are certain obstacles that he’s had a more difficult time with because he’s not as aware of his hind end as would be ideal.  Since taking the classes, I’ve been able to work on specific exercises with him to increase his hind end awareness and I’m very happy to say that he is MUCH more confident and steady on the dog walk than he used to be.  He’s also developed better coordination and muscle control through work with different sized balls.  I now have activities that are both physically and mentally challenging  to keep both my dogs strong and it gives us exercises to do each day that increases out bond.”

Lindsay Pranger, Client and Agility, Rally Obedience, Obedience and Confirmation competitor


NOTE: Please read the checkout page carefully for participants – there IS a limit of 20 PARTICIPANTS. The price has been set artificially high, and there is a coupon on the checkout page that once entered, will reduce the price to the correct participant price. If the coupon does not work, that means that participant spots are FULL – please do not continue to checkout in this case.

Prices will be as follows:

$290 Worker, $145 spectator, $75 observer

  • Price
  • Notes:
  • Video Tutorials and Exercises
  • Access to Discussion
  • Feedback on your work
  • Registration Limits

  • $145 USD
  • K9 Conditioning I Spectator

  • $290 USD
  • K9 Conditioning I Participant

  • $75 USD
  • K9 Conditioning I Observer

socialBobbie will be available in the discussion forum (available only to spectators and participants) to answer your questions! Discuss your K9 Conditioning and get feedback from Bobbie in the discussion forum.