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Jumping Power by Bobbie Lyons


Enrollment 3/17/2017 – First lecture material posted on Sunday 3/21/2017.  I have changed the way you enroll – now everyone is a participant for $179 and if you want video analysis you can purchase on any given week for $20, 4 weeks for $49 or 8 weeks for $99 and get the 9th week FREE.


As a bonus, many of the foundation exercise covered in my Foundation K9Fitness class will be covered in this class for FREE – stand to down, down to stand, stand to sit, sit to stand, back up, weight shifting, nose touch and pivot.

This class is NOT just for Jumping  – learning to design an efficient exercise plan while focusing on specific skills is the main focus of this class.  This mentally and physically challenging class is geared toward improving your dogs strength while in motion.  During an agility run, dogs move in all planes of motion.   This class will concentrate on strengthening your dog for forward and lateral motion as well as transverse or twisting movement.

This is a 9 week class that is packed full of information, instructional videos and will closely resemble the chapter I wrote for Linda Mecklenburg's book.  It will also have NEW exercises not seen in the written chapter.

Chapter 3  – Mastering Jumping Skills for Awesome Agility Dogs (required for class)

This course will teach you and your dog exercises that will improve body awareness, core, limb, and joint strength.   The focus of this class is to strengthen the dog as a whole while concentrating on specific muscles groups or skills to improve your dog's over all performance and reduce the chance of injury.

  • Understanding program design
  • How to choose exercise for your dog’s program
  • Proper position for each exercise
  • Training techniques
  • Equipment combinations
  • Strengthening your dog in all directions
  • How to pair the exercises together
  • How often to train each exercise
  • Sets/reps
  • Combination exercises

Please note that this is NOT a jumping class – I will leave that to Linda/Daisy – this class prepares your dog to perform while encouraging efficient movement and focusing on injury prevention.

For those that have taken my other classes,  many of the targeted exercises for each skill will be new but there will be exercises seen in previous classes.   This is a class you won't want to miss – there will be exercises in this class that have not been seen anywhere else.

Prerequisite: Purchase – Mastering Jumping Skills for Awesome Agility Dogs, Linda Mecklenburg – available at www.cleanrun.com and other places.

AGE Restrictions:  This class is for dogs 9mo and above. There will be exercise each week that a puppy can do in low repetition and exercises you can save for when growth plates are closed.  This class will give a young dog a head start on efficient movement before asking for speed and precision.

Training Tips:  This course will use a combination of shaping and luring as well as intermittent reward to encourage the dog to think about how to distribute their weight during each exercises. Please note that you are free to train each exercise with your desired training method as long as you achieve the proper position.  

Professionals in the fields of veterinary rehab, orthopedics, and physical therapy who have reviewed my program agree that the exercises in my courses are a great part of a comprehensive canine conditioning program!

Please remember that before starting any exercise program for your dog, he should be seen by a veterinarian to insure the dog has no physical limitations. If your dog has been injured, consult with a physical therapist or rehabilitation expert prior to starting any exercise routine.

I am still writing and editing video so this Syllabus may change ever so slightly but I wanted to give you an idea of what you would be learning in this class.

Foundation Skills to get started – this will be available once you are registered so you can start working with your dog

  • improve body and limb awareness
  • encourage core muscle engagement
  • foundation skills needed for success
  • posture and foot placement
  • handler reward position

Week 1 – Designing a program – understanding how to use the tables in the MJS book

  • reps/sets/duration
  • how to choose exercises

Week 2 – Understanding body planes of motion and warm ups

Week 3 – Foundation skills review and Exercises to Strengthen the front

Week 4 – Exercises that support lateral motion – front and rear

Week 5 – Exercises that support collection

Week 6 – Exercises that courage Bending

Week 7 – Exercises that promote power from the REAR

Week 8 – Exercises that support Hip Rotation or Transverse movement

Week 9 – Program design review, exercise review – now that you have the exercises figured out “what now?”

This syllabus is subject to small adjustments as new exercises are being added and material is being edited.

We will use a variety of equipment.  I will help you substitute things you might have at home, if the equipment used is not available.

Below is a list of equipment that you might see in this class – It is NOT necessary to purchase all of this equipment. Many students complete the exercises on the flat or substitute household items.

A 10% off coupon code will be given after enrollment to purchase items from FitPAWS.

Aerobic bench (The Step)  – handy but not necessary
Rocker Board or equivalent
Two Giant Balance discs
Two Small Balance Discs
2 K9Fitbones
FitPAWS hurdle set or equivalent
rubbermaid stool
2 donuts and holders
Paw pods
1 peanut size appropriate for your dog.
FitPAWS targets
2 4x4s at least 4-6′ long
2 Slack Stands w/ Slacklines  – these are from Slackline Industries and I can offer you free shipping if you are interested in purchasing them direct from me – this is a saving of about $85/2 racks   –  You can take a look HERE
Bobbie Lyons, Cert. C.F.

Bobbie Lyons, Cert. C.F.

Learn more about Bobbie by reading about her HERE. Bobbie Lyons, Cert. C.F., Pawsitive Performance, Ph. 503-329-1235 Email:  bobbie@pawsitive-performance.com 

 In addition to video tutorials showing you how to do each exercise, you’ll receive access to images, and descriptions of each exercise.

There's an astounding amount textdocumentof information in Bobbie's classes!

You’ll be asked to film yourself doing conditioning exercises with your dog, and submit your videos (uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video service) to the discussion forum, where you’ll receive feedback.

Spectators will be able to join in the discussion, participate in coaching calls and learn from Bobbie's feedback, as well as view the assignments of the participants!

Once you’ve registered for this class, links to weekly assignments will show up in the MY CONTENT portion of the site.


Prices are as follows: $179 for 9 weeks of instruction(the class is VERY detailed and will make you think) – video analysis can be purchased separately once you have signed up for class.  EVERYONE will be eligible to participate in the coaching calls – these calls are super valuable. I will be hosting at least three if not four calls throughout class.  Last class talked me into an additional coaching call so keep that in mind.   Each Coaching call will be recorded and then posted in the classroom for those that were not able to attend.  

  • Price
  • Detail
  • Video Tutorials and Exercises
  • Access to Discussion
  • Feedback on your work
  • Participate in Forum Discussion

Class Participant
  • $179 USD (9wks)
  • 9 weeks of instruction
  • 2 coaching calls
  • [N] available for purchase