This is a 2 week class that has 7 behaviors dripped each week. In this class you will learn some very basic behaviors needed for K9Fitness exercises. It is important that your dog learns to shift weight and position their body independently before asking for positions on balance equipment.

Why take this course?

The skills covered in this course are essential to K9 Fitness exercises because they allow the dog to find the correct position without being placed. It is ideal for these behaviors to be independent luring so that the dog is using more muscles in movement rather than just following the reward. Training these behaviors on a verbal cue or hand signal is ideal.

Training these Essential K9Fitness Skills will teach your dog how to engage their core and rear end in their movement. Improving muscle engagement and body awareness before asking for more advanced exercises is essential to INJURY PREVENTION.

Weight shifting – handler applied pressure
Weight shifting – off handler movement
Go to mat – or go to target
Tuck sit
Kick back stand
Folding down
Folding Stand
Back up – independent of handler movement
Side stepping – perpendicular to the handler
Nose touch
Nose touch hold
Give a FRONT paw
Give a REAR paw
Single cone spins in each direction

A combination of shaping, molding, luring will be used. A basic understanding of clicker or shape training is not required but is ideal for success in this class. If using a lure – the goal will be to fade the lure over time to get a more independent behavior.

How Long Is This Course?

The information in this class will drip 7 behaviors ever every other week - Class time is 2 weeks. You will have access to the information for 1 yr. Even if you have trained half of these, this class will truly benefit your ability to increase the level of difficulty of any exercise without your dog compensating due to being off balance(compensations lend to injury). The skills taught in this course will help your dog use more muscles in their movement, engage their core, find balance when balance is a challenge and reduce the chance of injury.

Will I Get Feedback?

This class is self guided

Will I have to submit Video?

This class is self guided - no video feedback is offered

When can I start?

You'll be able to start as soon as you've paid for the course and received your confirmation email!

How much is this course? and what about Video review

2 weeks, 14 behaviors $59

Foundation K9Fitness

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