A Building Blocks Course With Lori Michaels!

Why take this course?

Circling a cone or a post is a fun and important foundation skill for future handling and jumping training. You can teach your dog this skill with very minimal space and equipment! This course will help you work through teaching your dog to circle a cone or a post, including common mistakes and problems.

You'll see this skill mentioned in Linda Mecklenburg's MASTERING JUMPING SKILLS VOLUME 1, by both Linda herself and Daisy Peel (in the Appendices). Join Lori Michaels and explore this topic further in this building blocks course!

How Long Is This Course?

This is a two week course that is highly focused on ONE thing, CONE WORK FOR AGILITY!

Will I Get Feedback?

YES! You'll get access to a discussion forum where you can talk to Lori Michaels about your homework. You'll get to ask questions, and, if you can't make it to one of the Q & A sessions, you'll still be able to hear Lori's answers to your questions and view the recorded Q & A sessions any time you like!

Will I have to submit Video?

Maybe. For this class, EVERYBODY is a participant. Video submission is optional, and sometimes Lori may ask for people to post short clips as demonstrations of common problems. Focus on solving your start line stay problems with Lori's help, rather than on getting video of your homework!

When can I start?

As soon as you've registered you can get started!

How much is this course?

Two weeks of lessons, feedback, and Q & A sessions with Lori Michaels, all for just $79! This class will also be available for self study when it's not in session.

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