Go to Ground Canine Cavaletti Class – Ground Poles Training: Taught by Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, MTI, Cert CF

Cavalettis can be used to strengthen your dog’s core, fine tune their stride length and gait while increasing body awareness.

Why take this course?

What are cavalettis? Simply put – Cavaletti’s are poles on the ground or raised that your dog can stride over in different ways. This class offers 16 different exercises. (4 each week)

Questions that will be answered:

*Training tips and how to avoid common issues
*Guidelines for pole height and space between the poles
*Proper posture or form
*Signs of fatigue
*What else can cavaletti or ground poles be used for

How Long Is This Course?

This is a four week course that is highly focused on ONE thing, CAVALETTIS!

Will I Get Feedback?

YES! You'll get access to a discussion forum where you can talk to Bobbie Lyons about your homework. You'll get to ask questions, and, if you can't make it to one of the Q & A sessions, you'll still be able to hear Bobbie's answers to your questions and view the recorded Q & A sessions any time you like!

Will I have to submit Video?

Maybe. For this class, EVERYBODY is a participant. Video submission is optional and for an additional cost of $20/week or $49.99/4 weeks. The link for purchasing video feedback will be available to you after you enroll in the discussion forums.

Bobbie may ask for people to post short clips as demonstrations of common problems. Focus on cavalettis with Bobbie's help, rather than on getting video of your homework!

Equipment needed: Minimum of 6 poles that can be set on the ground flat and range from 2-5″ high.

When can I start?

You can start as soon as you get access! When you sign up, you'll receive a confirmation in your email (make sure you can receive emails from us and that they aren't going to your spam folder!). Then, you can log in and get started asap!

How much is this course?

This is a 4 week class that will benefit new and continuing students. There are many fun and beneficial exercise you can do with a set of 6 or more cavalettis that will improve body awareness, increase core strength and stride length all while fine tuning over all gait. Join Bobbie to find out what you can do with a set of poles. All for just $99!

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