Blind Cross Skills and Drills

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Blind Cross Skills and Drills


Learn how to appropriately incorporate blind crosses in to your handling system.

This course is all about Blind Crosses! From foundation to application on course, learn how to appropriately incorporate blind crosses in to your skill set. As with all things, balance is key.

You'll need access to a 50×50 practice area at a minimum, as well as jumps and at least one tunnel for this course.

This is a one-time course offering for spectators and participants!

Each week you'll get access to:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Access to the discussion forum (only if you're in a class, self-guided/independent students do not have access to discussion forums)
  • Feedback on lessons (available at an additional fee for independent learners)
  • Suggestions for improvement (available at an additional fee for independent learners)

Check out the other tabs on this page for a sampling of the class format.

It is recommended that you have the latest version of  Clean Run Course Designer for this course.
You can purchase or try it for free by clicking the image:

Get Clean Run Course Designer Here!

Get Clean Run Course Designer Here!

Each week, you'll get access to video tutorials, showing each figure from multiple angles, so that you can fully visualize each demonstrated cue combination.

You'll get to see each cue combination from multiple angles, so that you can try it yourself!

You'll also get a copy of my Blind Cross Video – LOOK BACK – as a starting guide!

textdocument In addition to video tutorials showing you how each cue combination might be executed, you'll receive access to CRCD course maps, images, and descriptions of each cue combination. If you're taking the class as a participant or a spectator (only offered periodically!), you'll be asked to film yourself doing these cue combinations with your dog, and submit your videos (uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video service) to the discussion forum, where you'll receive feedback. If you're taking this class as a self-guided student, there is no discussion forum for feedback, although you can still get feedback on individual assignments if you're really stuck, for an additional fee. In the periodically offered classes with discussion and feedback, spectators will be able to join in the discussion and learn from Daisy's videos, as well as feedback on the assignments of the participants!


Daisy will be available in the discussion forum (available only to spectators and participants when the class is offered with feedback) to answer your questions! Discuss your handling with Daisy, and your fellow students.

Ask questions, and take a look at the assignments submitted by others in this online community.

Self guided students do not have access to a discussion forum, BUT can register at any time, and for an additional fee, can get feedback on individual assignments if they get stuck!



“Very much enjoyed this class.  It gave me a lot of clarification on when and where to use blind crosses and how to execute them effectively.  I find myself really considering when and where to use them and picking them when they are the best option, not just because I can do one.”


“I just wanted to thank you for a great course. As a newbie to this handling system I’ve enjoyed the drills and the feedback. Isn’t learning new things and challenging yourself to move beyond your comfort zone great :-) Thanks for keeping access open as I’ll be going back and using these drills and your feedback to continue to broaden my skills and improve my handling and my team work with my dogs. I’ll certainly be playing with the final sequences from week 8 as soon as I get a chance. It’s been really interesting being able to do both the APHS and Blind Cross course simultaneously, they complement each other nicely.”

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