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Podcast Session 9: Watch Your Dog, Part 1

This week, I'm posting part one of a two part podcast that was originally created for the Functional Fitness class that is taught in the Online Classroom.  Kristin Rosenbach, who is a Certified Athletic Trainer, is the main instructor, but I of course contribute to the class, AND benefit from it (I'm a little sore right now from one of her agility-specific workouts!).

You may be interested to see these images, which are mentioned in the podcast:

The Nine Basic Gazes, mentioned in this podcast.


I can clearly remember seeing my dog during this moment – although it doesn't look like I'm looking at all!


Enjoy this week's podcast!


Podcast Session 8: Equipment Safety



Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about equipment safety.

Topics in this podcast include:

  • balance cost, convenience, and safety
  • my travels around the world looking at equipment
  • why i want to talk about it
  • what makes equipment unsafe
  • what makes equipment safe
  • why you should care

My chute fabric has a weight at the end to keep the fabric from twisting.

My tunnel is lightweight AND the fabric is very durable. My Australian style jumps in the back are very lightweight as well – they don’t stand up in high winds, but that is a sacrifice I make in exchange for safety.

Here’s a wing jump from Colombia. Lightweight, only one cup on each side, falls away from the middle of the jump.

This style of jump is not nearly as safe. Connected across the bottom with extra cups made of metal. Here, convenience may have taken priority over dog safety.

These wingless standards are metal, but at least they’re not connected at the bottom.

Here is an example of a pair of lightweight wings.

This double is lightweight and not connected across the bottom.

This wingless jump is made of PVC and is not connected across the bottom. It’s safe and lightweight.









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Podcast Session 6: Our Goals All Serve The Same Purpose

Goals are by nature things we've set for ourselves that are currently out of reach – and that is something that all goalsetters have in common, regardless of their level of attainment.

This podcast was originally presented as content in the Online Classroom “Clear Mind” course.


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Podcast Session 5: Bang for your Buck





Yesterday, I asked this question on Facebook:

I got a pretty decent response. Of course, there are a lot of factors that go in to what we pay for a working or auditing spot in a seminar; how much the seminar presenter is charging, how much it costs to get them to the seminar site, the rental fees for the arena or building where the seminar is being held.  Those are just the basics.  Then there are other costs; assuming that the organizer has done a lot of legwork to put the whole thing together, it's reasonable that they should not have to pay $$ for the seminar themselves, as they've already paid in other ways. Listen to this podcast for more…


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Podcast Session 4: How I chose a handling system

Here's another podcast prompted by a question sent to me through the contact page on my website. Do you have a question you'd like to see answered in the form of a podcast? You can contact me and if you check “Podcast Q&A”, who knows, maybe your question will be the next one answered via Podcast!


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Podcast Session 3: Thoughts on using verbals on course

As usual, a student email has prompted me to create another podcast.  This one is on the use of verbal cues on course, and how my usage of verbal cues may differ from your usage.  But, I do think that the way I think about and use verbal cues on course makes a huge difference in my ability to stay ahead of my dog on course.



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Podcast Session 1: What is Consistency?

Recently, a student sent me an email asking how she could improve her consistency.  It got me thinking about just what consistency IS, and how the question itself is a little misleading. Just what IS consistency, and what can you do about changing the type of consistent behavior you're currently engaged in? Of course, I think my book Clear Mind is a great way to help follow the steps in this Podcast 😉