Thoughts from the Instructors

The Online Classroom Blog is a new feature, with thoughts and training tips from our instructors, past and present. Enjoy!

“Power through” or Proper Rehab – Soft Tissue Injury in Performance Dogs

Soft tissue injury is the most common injury in performance dogs and it is one of the hardest injuries to pin point or diagnose.  If your dog has a suspected soft tissue injury, see a veterinarian that specializes in working with performance dogs.   Most “regular” veterinarians won't see the subtle changes in gait and function […]


2016 Americas Y el Caribe Course analyses

Hear Daisy's thoughts and analyses for all nine of the courses she ran in Medellin, Colombia, at the 2016 Americas Y El Caribe competition in April of 2016. This 45 minute video is free for you to watch, along with the course maps!


9 weeks to 15 weeks – Puppy foundation training

In the short 8 weeks I have had my new puppy, “Drama”, he has traveled to Montana, California and northern Washington with me learning how to be a good traveler and my training partner. WOW I can’t believe how much we have accomplished in 8 short weeks. Drama now understands the clicker and how to […]


A Note on Puppies

Teaching a puppy body awareness and weight distribution exercises at an early age helps the puppy grow into a confident, well balanced and coordinated dog. I start teaching my clients these types of exercises when their puppies are just 8 -12 weeks old. I adjust duration of exercise or repetitions to the age, ability and attention […]


Avoiding Iliopsoas Injury – Doubles, Triples and Broad Jumps

  Do you practice doubles, triples and broad jumps regularly??? Often when I am teaching a workshop, I ask agility competitors –  “How often do you practice doubles, triples or spread jumps”?   I have to say many of them answer “only at a competition”.    Sigh Many instructors don’t set these jumps up due to time […]


Better, Faster, Stronger

Many things go into keeping your dog in good “condition” and how performance is improved.    Improved performance can mean many things.   Listed below is what I perceive as improving performance through handler improvements, strength improvements and increasing endurance.BETTER:    Handling is a huge key.  How many handlers out there feel like they are the caboose on […]


Breaks in Strength Training

Trial and competition schedules, vacation, injury and life all contribute to K9 Conditioning exercises being pushed down on the priority list.  Just like with human exercise, if breaks are taken from K9 Conditioning workouts just start back with lower intensity exercises and slowly build back up to the level before the break occurred. Don’t beat […]


Building your own PVC Jumps

Instructions on how to build your own, professional looking PVC jumps – safe, and stylish! For pennies on the dollar. And, completely customized to YOU.


Challenges build your training muscles

Recently, I listened to an interview on the radio with a Psychology Professor named Jim Stigler at UCLA. He was talking about how he'd watched anxiously as a fourth grader in a Japanese math classroom struggled at the front of the class to solve a problem. Maybe you didn't know this, but I used to be […]


Changes in movement

It is important, especially with a performance dog, to understand normal movement and what is not normal for your dog, so you can be proactive about keeping your dog strong and injury free. Many people can see differences in a dog’s gait when watching them move BUT many cannot or think these things are “normal for […]