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What is this Feeling?

The sounds around me disappear into the background, I can only hear the beating of my heart and the breath entering and leaving my lungs.  I feel butterflies in deep in my stomach, sometimes to the point that I feel like they will try to escape.  I can only see my dog, the obstacles and…

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Building Your Own Measuring Wicket

The height of your dog determines what height they will need to jump. The measuring process can be a stressful one for some dogs and “real” measuring wickets are $250, whew! Here’s a simple version of a wicket that costs no more than $10 in materials. This project is very easy and can be adjusted depending on your needs.

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The Other F words: Fear, Failure and Frustration

Everyone wants to post their moments of brilliance, no one likes to fail, that’s no secret. We like it when things go well and according to plan; we like to succeed. We look to those who have been successful and try to emulate their path to success, however we generally overlook the really interesting parts; the parts with all the really valuable information; we overlook the failures.

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