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Session 16: An Interview With Marcy Mantell

This week, I’m interviewing Marcy Mantell, who came up to visit for the 2014 Rose City AKC show, where she won High Combined with her young sheltie, Stripe. Marcy talks about how she got started in agility, some unexpected difficulties she’s had along the way with her sheltie Wave, and what it’s like to win a World Championship. Enjoy!

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Podcast Session 15: Mileage

In this podcast, I talk a little about the idea of “mileage”. Every step you and your dog take together on an agility course shapes your future steps on future courses! Have a listen, and subscribe through iTunes!

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Podcast Session 7: BDA Mental Management

This podcast isn’t one of mine, but one that I was a guest on, and it is of course about Mental Management® and agility. Bad Dog Agility has regular podcasts, and I was honored to be a guest on this one! 🙂

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