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Join students from all over the world to improve your game in nearly every aspect, and have a blast doing it! Join Daisy, the other amazing instructors, and this international community of online learners today.

K9 Conditioning Classes With Bobbie Lyons

Learn how to keep your K9 Partner happy, healthy, fit, and ready to meet the challenges you face as a team together, regardless of the game you play.

Advanced Handling Is Merely Precise Application Of The Fundamentals

Develop precision handling in Daisy Peel's Online Handling Classes.

Master Your Mental Game

Master your mental game, and learn how to set goals to maximize your enjoyment with your canine partner. It all starts with Daisy's CLEAR MIND class

Kristin's Functional Fitness Classes

Training Movement, Not MusclesYou'll be amazed at the progress you can make with your ability to get around a course after working with Kristin!


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Mental Training, Agility Foundation, K9 and Human Fitness & More!

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What Is The Online Classroom?

The Online Classroom is dedicated to helping you improve you and your dog’s agility skills in a variety of ways. From foundation training and handling classes, to conditioning classes for both the canine and human part of the team, to mental training classes and running contacts, The Online Classroom has been helping students from all over the world excel in the sport of dog agility.

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Classes We Offer

Daisy’s Handling Classes

  1. Blind Cross Skills and Drills

    This one-time course is all about Blind Crosses! From foundation to application on course, learn how to appropriately incorporate blind crosses in to your skill set. As with all things, balance is key.
  2. Precision Handling

    Don’t have access to regular instruction? Want regular instruction to supplement the classes you may already be taking? In this class, you’ll get four assignments, and typically you’ll have a week to complete each assignment, which will be a sequence or set of sequences to work on. You will receive instruction on how to handle sequences as well as feedback on your handling.
  3. Rear Crosses 101

    Even though I can often beat my dog to places on course, there are a lot of times when it really makes sense to do a good old-fashioned REAR cross. Yes, front crosses and blind crosses seem more fashionable at times, but, even so, knowing how to do rear crosses will help you be a truly well rounded handler, even if your preference is to be ahead of your dog on course when possible.

Pawsitive Performance Puppy Class

  1. Pawsitive Performance Puppy

    This class will help make sure your young dog has the necessary strength and body awareness to be a great agility dog! Suitable for any dog of any age that wishes to participate in agility or any canine sport.

Bobbie’s K9 Conditioning Classes

  1. K9 Conditioning I

    This 9-week course teaches exercise, tricks and stretches to increase range of motion, flexibility, reflexes, and increases muscle tone and endurance. The exercises are designed to reduce the risk of injury and increase balance, core strength, body awareness and overall performance. This class is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience. Proper positioning for each exercise is vital to maximize the benefits and to be certain you are targeting the correct muscles groups.
  2. K9 Conditioning II

    This 9-week course will teach your dog the proper use of his feet. Enhanced proprioception (the dog’s ability to know where their body is in space) improves quick direction changes when necessary in agility and other sports; and will fine-tune coordination skills so that the dog can perform physical activities accurately and consistently.
  3. K9 Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Courses

    Bobbie, who teaches K9 Conditioning I & II, is introducing a new series of courses on the topic of K9 Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation! More courses will be added to this category in the future - for now, take a look at the first course, The Enigma of the Iliopsoas!

Helen King’s Structure Evaluation Class

  1. What’s Your Angle

    Taught by Helen Grinnell King. The most difficult thing for most people to see on a dog are the angles. Really, its just a matter of training your eye til it becomes second nature. With the methods Helen uses, you will learn to see angles on everything from cats to dogs to animals in the zoo. Helen says she can’t look at any four legged creature without checking out the angles and how they are put together.

Daisy’s Mental Training Classes

  1. Clear Mind

    No program is complete if you’re not paying attention to the mental aspects of the game! In this course, we’ll go through a step-by-step process that will help you not only solidify your goals for training and competition, but will help you find your joy and maximize your enjoyment of the sport with your canine partner.

Daisy’s Running Contact Classes

  1. Running Contacts

    Because every team progresses at a different rate, the running contacts "classes" are actually self-paced "levels". These modules follow sound training principles that are fun, and based in the training theories of operant conditioning. Develop a real understanding on the part of your dog about how to hit the contact under a variety of circumstances, and with a variety of stride patterns.

Kristin’s Human Conditioning Classes

  1. Functional Fitness I

    TRAINING MOVEMENT, NOT MUSCLES - A Human Conditioning & Fitness Class Taught by Kristin Rosenbach, ATC, STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. This class is designed to help you take your conditioning program to the next level. Together with Kristin, this class will start you down the road toward better handling as well as better physical fitness.
  2. Functional Fitness II

    TRAINING MOVEMENT, NOT MUSCLES - A Human Conditioning & Fitness Class Taught by Kristin Rosenbach, ATC, STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. This 9-week class is designed to help you improve your speed, efficiency and confidence changing directions as you guide your dog through a course. We will build upon the fundamental movements and exercises learned in Functional Fitness for Agility Handlers to challenge your ability to move your feet effectively and confidently while still allowing you to support your dog with good handling.
  3. Functional Fitness III

    This class brings everything you learned in Functional Fitness I and II together as Kristin designs an individualized plan for each Participant. Participants will receive personalized conditioning plans from Kristin aimed at improved performance on the agility field and developed around your training & trialing schedule, availability, and current fitness level.

Linda Mecklenburg’s Awesome Paws Skills Drills Class

Truffle Dog Training 101 Class

  1. Truffle Dog Training 101

    Whether you are just looking for a new game to play with your dog or your goal is to locate native truffles in the wild, this class will show you how to get started. Strengthen your relationship with your canine companion while gaining valuable skills that will transfer to other dog sports and activities you participate in.

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    You can purchase things like videos, sequences from previous handling classes, and more in the store. Basically, anything that's not a course is available here.

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