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Learn how to keep your K9 Partner happy, healthy, fit, and ready to meet the challenges you face as a team together, regardless of the game you play.


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"Advanced handling is merely more precise application of the fundamentals"

Expert teachers

Daisy Peel, Linda Mecklenburg, and Bobbie Lyons, to name a few. Get feedback from the best in the world, right at your fingertips.

Video Courses

Courses include video demonstration and analyses, as well as homework. Self-study and videos on demand also available

Self-Study Library

Years worth of handling exercises are available for self study, as well as courses on rear crosses, blind crosses, and more

Global Community

Join a global community of like-minded students and learn to your full potential

What is the Online Classroom?

The Online Classroom is dedicated to helping you improve you and your dog’s agility skills in a variety of ways. From foundation training and handling classes, to conditioning classes for both the canine and human part of the team, to mental training classes and running contacts, The Online Classroom has been helping students from all over the world excel in the sport of dog agility.

Bobbie Lyons, Cert. C.F, teaches K9 Conditioning Classes here at the Online Classroom. Whatever your activity of choice with your dog, whether it be flyball, agility, herding, schutzhund, nosework, or just hiking, making sure that your canine partner is up to the tasks you ask him to do is critical. Check out what Bobbie has to offer, and read more about her by clicking on any of the classes below.
Advanced Handling is merely Precise Application Of The Fundamentals! It is with this philosophy in mind that Daisy presents her agility handling courses. Take a look at the courses offered with Daisy’s feedback, as well as those courses offered as self-guided endeavors for independent learners.

No program is complete if you’re not paying attention to the mental aspects of the game! In this course, we’ll go through a step-by-step process that will help you not only solidify your goals for training and competition, but will help you find your joy and maximize your enjoyment of the sport with your canine partner.

Because every team progresses at a different rate, the running contacts “classes” are actually self-paced “levels”. These modules follow sound training principles that are fun, and based in the training theories of operant conditioning. Develop a real understanding on the part of your dog about how to hit the contact under a variety of circumstances, and with a variety of stride patterns.

Using Linda’s “Skills Drills” sequences, originally seen in Clean Run Magazine in 2012, you’ll be challenged to perform a variety of cue combinations, which will provide you with a skills checklist.